• Obama Runs Away from Questions, Bill Clinton Steps Forward

    December 10, 2010 7:31 pm 5 comments
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  • Here we see Barack Obama is showing his true colors, as he retreats from tough questions about the economy and leaves a man of proper color to clean up his mess.

    Say what you will about the Democrat Bill Clinton, he was a better president than Obama and our economy was better under him than Obama. Clinton is also a Christian, Obama is a Muslim.

    As Obama ran away from the press interview, he yelled the excuse over his crisped and chipped shoulder: “I’ve kept my wife waiting for too long!

    No one bought his lies.

    It is no secret that blacks have problem with money. If you look nationwide, most people in the poor neighborhoods: the blacks.

    Then who is all on the welfare foodstamps: blacks.

    Even when they get money from their rap videos or basketball, you see the following:

    Placing golden teeth in their mouths.

    Throwing all their money into the sky, a sign of psychological fixation.

    Gambling on their own sports games.

    Soliciting hookers in their stolen cars.

    You all know the patterns and we could keep going, in addition to their buying weapons and drugs for all their gang friends.

    So now that Obama has wrecked our economy, he is willing to admit he was a false Savior (warned of in the New Testament) and is willing to turn things over to more capable hands.

    Clinton may be branded with A for his bedroom sins against Hillary and our country, but at least he’s not of people who attacked us on 9/11 or drain our system through their laziness and affirmative action mongering.

    As my father and my grandfather warned, some people cannot lead a Western nation. My kin stood side by side with Woodrow Wilson, trying to protect the nation from this scenario, this outcome.

    Hopefully Bill Clinton can at least salvage the mess Obama has made, until we get a chance to kick the Democrats out of the WHITE House in 2012.

    It is symbolic, the White House. Don’t you forget it and let this ‘great experiment’ be a lesson unto you all!

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