• Paranormal Humbug By: Dustin Pari – Goes Bonkers

    December 25, 2010 1:29 pm 3 comments
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  • You know just by reading Dustin’s blog very very closely , you will read what he is actually saying. Dustin can not take it anymore – being he can not be famous like Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. His blog reads it all, (his rage of complaining about other Paranormal Investigators being at events and being on TV) , the attentions they get.. This is eating Dustin up – not getting what he wants!. If you go back and read all Dustin old blogs – listen to his interviews on talk radio’s – Google all about Dustin , you will read how he dream about being with Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson on Ghost Hunters.. Dustin experience Ghost when he was in his teens. Dustin dreams and devotion is being in the Paranormal field & being a member of Ghost Hunters. And writing books on the Paranormal and calling him self ‘The Paranormal Rock Star’.. ‘The Complete Approach ‘ by Dustin Pari was a written book with two months and chapters in the book were written twice repeatedly by insulting other Paranormal Investigators?.. Dustin said that Paranormal Investigators need to hang it up and seek lessons by professionals like him!!. Now you ALL tell me why Dustin write that in his Complete Approach book?.. Than Dustin goes live on you tube claiming he is a professional wrestler. Dustin tries to be better than Jensen Ackles original video called ‘Eye Of The Tiger’.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCM9DLGKHY0 Than Dustin says on the internet that he is a professional singer in a cover band.. What can I say?. Dustin thinks he is GOD. You know what?. I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!.. Sit back and think about it everyone. Isn’t it out of the ordinary?. Angela Aldermen left Ghost Hunters International and a month later,( Dustin slowly text repeatedly about being home with his wife and daughter on Twitter),is a act if rage. I mean a hot chick leaves GHI and than Dustin next. Their is a rumor on the internet that both Dustin and Angela are creating a show called ‘Paranormal Highway’. I can not say if the rumor is true or not but Google it. In my opinion – Dustin isn’t getting the publicity like Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson gets. I mean – he isn’t popular and it kills him.You can not force to be like or love. First – you need to except who you are instead of pretending.You are you – you are not GOD.. Oh thats right – Dustin claims he left due to being part of a religion called ‘The Patch Ministry’?. Why at the last minute,(being he is not a big hit of the series on SyFy – Ghost Hunter and Ghost Hunters International),s – he turns to the Lord?. Its a act of crying out to the lord. Dustin does want front center full attention and when you read his blog above – you can read the deepest hard wording from a dictionary – how television isn’t working out for him). Dustin is sadden by the thought he isn’t getting what he wants.BUT Dustin’s has a very,very busy,busy schedule book for 3 to 6 months. Paranormal events from now to April of 2011,(all over the world). He even has a full time job working 40 to 50 hours a week and supposedly runs and does lectures for Paranormal events and events also at a Catholic church about his ministry of ‘The Patch Ministry’.. I read the twitter after I get out of work,(a real job unlike Dustin), how is spends his hours and hours at home with his daughter and wife.. I am wondering – is this guy even real?. How does Dustin find the time for his busy paranormal event schedules – lectures – church lectures and The Patch Ministry and a supposedly a real full time job, when he is hanging out on his face-book & twitter accounts all hours of the day/night everyday and week?.I thought he claim to leave SyFy to spend more time at home with his wife vand children?. I read the time/date and day he spends on face-book & twitter. Is this guy for real or is he really GOD?. And not to mention – Dustin claims he is a professional spiritual guy. Next you’ll hear he is a professional dancer and has met John Travolta. Oh – yes Dustin did mention among his wild dreams – he has met Barry from the Brady Bunch – the president but he claims his life at his old site he deleted – http://dustinpari.com , he had a childhood life to hell and back and had rage of revenge with others in the past,(that his life was hell). I say Dustin blog is readable but Sad because you can read he has serious head problems and I deeply feel so sorry for him.I seriously think he is all full of shit. I do not believe for one minute he is real. He did say in his old site he deleted,(dustinpari.com) that he is not a blogger or even has time to talk on message boards/forums or blogs. OK, I do believe,(and I will say it again), Dustin is a mean – devious evil guy that would scare the fking day lights out of you.. Go figure!

    Paranormal Humbug
    By: Dustin Pari

    “There’ll be parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting, and caroling out in the snow. There’ll be scary ghost stories and tales of the glories of Christmases long, long ago”-such are the lines to a very popular Christmas carol which has been playing on the radio in my static filled mind for some time. Either the record is skipping or the Disc Jockey is trying to get my attention- thus this writing was born, perhaps with less pomp and circumstance than the Baby Jesus, but, born none the less.

    Much has happened since I last made an appearance on television screens across the globe, most of it good, some of it bad, none of it ugly; thankfully.
    For those who came in late, my last newly filmed appearance for any of the Ghost Hunter shows aired in February of 2010- quite some time ago indeed. For more information you will have to consult the Ghost of Christmas Past; I am sure he will be along once he finishes up at Old Fezziwig’s.

    As to why I went the way of ole Jacob Marley and checked out from the happening scene, well, there are multiple layers to that answer- kind of like a big chocolate cake- delicious and sweet, and better with milk, so pour yourself a tall glass and I will indulge you.
    First off, I feel it is important to clear up a few misconceptions. There exists neither ill will nor any hardships between myself and the Ghost Hunters or Ghost Hunters International cast members. I stay in touch with many of them regularly and appear at events with them quite often.
    There was also no issue between Pilgrim Films, the production company by whom I was employed during my tenure on both programs, and myself. They have since asked me back to the program on two occasions, but neither of which worked with my current schedule and plans at the time being, but I do appreciate the offer.

    So, why did I take my leave? Well, back in the high school guidance counselor’s office when everyone was picking a career out of a hat, I was content in the thought that life would take me where I needed to be. I would attend College, but with no specific plans or majors. I knew one thing for certain; I wanted to someday be a Husband and a Father. The role of caring and providing for the ones you love isn’t to be taken lightly, and as it came to pass, in order to fulfill both of these self-forecasted prophecies, I would have to take leaves of absence from my career in television to achieve both of them. People seem to think it was a tough choice to make, but it really was not. I have walked away from two programs, and both choices were made to at first start my family, and then to spend more time with my family.

    Traveling was a blessing as I did have the good fortune to not only see much of what the World has to offer, but also to view various societies and reflect upon the importance each one places upon values I see as integral to the healthy state of one’s self; the relationship with ones’ family and peers, and above that, their relationship with God.
    It was during these times that I traveled, observed, and then sat in my hotel room pondering, that it finally came to me, that which had eluded me so long ago in the guidance counselor’s office. What I was to be was never in the hat of jobs, for I was to be someone to speak to others about their own values, their own relationships, their own view of themselves and their relationship with their Creator. Hence, The Patch Ministry was born. (Website www.thepatch.com will be up soon!)
    With the help of a few close friends I have been able to develop this non-profit, non-denominational Christian ministry, through which we try to help others find the answers they seek, and guide them to living fuller and richer lives, by teaching sacrifice and selflessness in accordance to the teachings of Christ.

    So there you have it- several layers thick, and chock full of awesomeness, that is why I left the Ghost Hunter television programs.
    Many of you have written asking what I think of various paranormal programs out there, about investigators, their tactics and “sketchy evidence”.

    I am an honest man; I pride myself in that above many other things. However I also carry myself as a person of grace and dignity. I do enjoy the occasional tongue-in-cheek jab at this one or that one at times, but all is done in a good light-hearted manner with those whom I consider my friends.
    I am not someone who feels the need to quench a seemingly insatiable thirst for the spotlight by routinely dragging another’s name down, and senselessly attacking those who are of current magazine rack notoriety, just so that people are mentioning my name.
    Those who seek to gain fame and fortune through resentful comments and hurtful actions will get theirs in the just time; I am not one tot judge, nor to care.
    However, as a person of integrity and honesty, I will say that I am disappointed to see some of the smoke and mirror tactics used on various programs by investigators in an attempt to persuade viewers that something is of the spirit world that truly is not.

    My personal disclaimer that many have heard at countless events is that “Different investigators use different equipment and techniques, and they may subscribe to different theories.”
    So take what is they present to you as you will. I personally stand behind anything I have ever brought forth as evidence of the spiritual realm that I have documented.
    Television shows are just that; shows- many are purely for entertainment, and some are made in an attempt at discovery. Regardless of which ones you watch, I always maintain that you should view them skeptically and with a scrupulous mind for what is reality and what is mere fantasy.
    The paranormal field itself is made of many great people; some of the greatest, which have the most to contribute to this field, may never be on a television show and may never have their team name be an iconic T-Shirt. Regardless, they are out there, and they are doing great work, making excellent strides, and helping people in need. So just because you may not have heard their name announced in a huge auditorium, nor have you seen them on the flat screen in your living room, this does not mean that they are not the real deal. Remember, hero worship is for the eyes of children; men and women should have no false idols.

    Many have also asked me how I handle questions of my faith in regards to my work in the paranormal. I know the verses they will cite and the books they have been taken from, and it is in that manner that I can say I do not practice anything forbidden by God. I do not partake in any conjuring, I do not dabble in necromancy, nor do I rely on familiar spirits.
    I simply document what is there, if it is there at all.
    My main reason for working in this field for so long was to show others, despite religious differences, that the spirit world is indeed a reality. I have always maintained the hope that by doing this, people would see that there is more to life than the material world and the promotion of oneself above all else. I truly believe that with this knowledge and realization, that mankind would treat each other with a lot more respect and dignity- something we all should have, and something we are in dire need of.

    Still there are those who protest a religious person who has worked in the paranormal, and it is in that light by which I would also like to remind such naysayers that the Bible is a book written on and about love, and when you start slinging hate and fictitious accounts, while labeling yourself a “Christian”, well… you do all of us whom understand and profess the true message a great disservice.

    There is much written in the Bible, (and some books left out of it for political reasons of the times) that speak to an unseen spiritual realm which encompasses us, and the great battle that takes place within. In those times that that realm edges closer to this one, I take note.
    Jesus himself gave the charge to us, amongst other things, to cast out demons in his name. If I am not allowed to look into the spiritual realm, if I cannot arm myself with the knowledge of what is demonic and what is a mere malfunction of ones’ senses, how am I to help in that which He has asked?

    Staying with our earlier theme of spooky yuletide stories, we come full circle and throw open the shutters and ask the young boy in the street, “What day is it Lad?”- but, instead of leaving you with a fine Christmas Goose, I will offer you this from Mister Dickens’ classic tale “A Christmas Carol”- the scene is where The Ghost of Christmas Present addresses the animal like children hiding behind the folds of his robe:

    “This boy is Ignorance. This girl is Want. Beware them both, and all of their degree, but most of all beware this boy, for on his brow I see that written which is Doom, unless the writing be erased. Deny it.’ cried the Spirit, stretching out its hand towards the city. ‘Slander those who tell it ye. Admit it for your factious purposes, and make it worse. And abide the end.”
    Beware the boy…. beware the boy indeed my friends.
    I thank you for your continued friendship and support, and for submitting the questions which enabled me to flush out the skeleton of this piece.
    God Bless you this holiday season and a Merry Christmas to all!
    Sincerely, D. Parihttp://www.paranormalrockstar.com

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