• Self Acceptance: How To Love Yourself Without Plastic Surgery

    December 20, 2010 7:16 pm 36 comments
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  • Learning to love one’s self is a difficult journey that most people go through at some point in their lives. We live in a society where when a person has the slightest flaw, he or she is deemed unattractive. This can drive someone to get plastic surgery in order to fix his or her appearance. While we usually see movie stars and prominent celebrities who are said to have undergone different procedures like dermal fillers for those who have fine lines not caring about the current cost of botox versus the economic changes we are currently under. This is a very risky and expensive way to correct one’s flaws, so that is why it is best to learn to love an accept one’s self instead of opting to go under the knife. A person can do this by focusing on his or her positive features, finding unique ways to hide flaws, and positive self talk.

    One way to stop focusing on flaws is to focus on one’s positive features. A person that is self conscious about his or her appearance should stop worrying about what is wrong with him or her and focus on what he or she likes about him or herself. For example, if a person has a large nose, but beautiful eyes, he or she needs to focus on the his or her beautiful eyes. Focusing on one’s attractive features is the first step in self acceptance.

    Another way to learn to accept one’s self is to find unique ways to hide one’s flaws without surgery. For example, if a person has wrinkles, instead of getting a facelift, he or she can use makeup to cover them up. If a person has large ears, he or she can fix his or her hair into a style that hides them. There are many ways that a person can improve his or her appearance without having a risky surgery.

    The last and most important step in self acceptance is positive self talk. A person that has low self esteem and feels bad about his or her appearance, needs to learn to tune out all negativity. This can be achieved by chanting endearing words to him or herself. For example, a person can tell him or herself, “I am beautiful just the way I am, I don’t need botox.” Words have wings and can play a huge role in self acceptance.

    Everyone has a few flaws that he or she would like to change, but acceptance is key in learning to live with them. Self love and acceptance is needed to survive in this world, and once a person has accepted the way he or she is, that process is a whole lot easier. Our imperfections are what make us unique, so why change what makes us different from everyone else?

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