• Tucker Carlson Says Michael Vick Deserves To Be Executed, Die, As Obama Heaps Praises

    December 29, 2010 2:56 pm 8 comments
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    Michael Vick is a name that used to be a brand for a new type of NFL quarterback. Quick, raw and strong, like a native Kenyan fresh off the boat in the 1600s. The boy could run up a storm and though the true intellectual savvy of orchestrating a mighty NFL offensive via passing may not be his forte, the boy could run. And he could do it fast.

    Then disaster in Atlanta, Georgia, as it was found the Vick brand stood for something else: typical urban depravity.

    Michael Vick is a colossal disappointment. In 2007, it was found Michael Vick and several friends owned and operated Bad Newz Kennelz, an organization which was found to be guilty of abusing bred dogs. The alleged horrors and savaging brutality Vick unleashed upon the dogs is too terrible to even repeat. The words will destroy your holiday season but if you must know, please refresh yourself on each and every barbaric detail here.

    It is no surprise that native Kenyan and terror loyalist Barry Hussein Obama praised Vick for his dog-beating actions and the black quarterback friendly Philadelphia Eagles for giving this monster a second chance.

    Well now today every liberal is making ruckus because iconic journalist Tucker Carlson is fed up with Vick getting a free pass, as if he did not brutally beat dogs to the point of death.

    Tucker Carlson called for the possibility of Vick being executed for his crimes. Should dog abusers be put to the electric chair death for their wrongdoings?

    While every American and even the ones who should only get 2/3 vote is entitled to a fair trial, how fair can that trial by media fire and public outrage be when a Muslim sympathizing Kenyan sits upon a throne in the White House. How can Vick be properly punished when someone with the name Hussein has his hand in the executive, legislative and judicial breeches?

    I say we should have the right to put animal abusers to public trial. It is a Democracy, democrats, so the people rule! It is funny how Democrats like to use the name when it is convenient, then twist reality when they do not like our Constitutional concepts and edict.

    America is a Christian nation and the Bible dictates man has rule over animals and an obligation to hunt and treat them with respect. Abuse is never alright and you only see this type of barbarity in Chinese chicken slaughter homes, Mexican swine flu pig farms and of course, these terse Kenyan imports who beat a dog like they are just common hyenas in the Sarenghetto.

    When will we take our responsibility to treat animals with utmost decency and protection seriously? If this were only 200 years ago, would Vick get away with this crime?

    If the laws were good enough for our founding ancestors and grandparents, why are they not good enough now! If it were 200 years ago, we could round this boy up and try him GUILTY for his crimes against life. We could whip him good just like he did those innocent dogs and I pray tell you, we would not relent until the confession came from his tongue and he said his name was Abuser with an A. This boy don’t deserve the name Michael the chief of the angels.

    He is nothing like God, which is what Micha (unto) El (God) means in the native tongue of God’s original children. Ebneezer is even a better name for Vick this holiday season, for it means “God has fallen away from thee”.

    I pray that all abusers fall away from God, so far they see themselves riling and burning in the deepest pits of bottomless hell, where the fire will burn the crispest black even blacker and the only color will be red embered tears. Glory be!

    Die abusers and tie up the criminals. Tucker Carlson is a man of truth and integrity.


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