• UN, Obama Arrest Wikileak’s Julian Assange on “Broken Condom” Charges

    December 8, 2010 11:00 pm 3 comments
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  • WIKILEAKS founder jailed, secrets still flow...
    Assange could face espionage trial in USA...
    Hackers Strike Back: Take down MASTERCARD site...
    1st Amendment issues...
    Who will portray in Hollywood?
    WIKILEAKS: Stop Us? You'll Have to Shut Down the Web...

    Obama wags finger as he threatens Assange.

    Obama vows to crush "any man" who would reveal such information.

    Obama demanding Assange 'brought to justice' for...not wearing a condom?

    In a reveal worthy of Hollywood productions, last week Julian Assange dramatically wowed the world with exposed ‘leaks’ about the Obama Administration’s secret dealings with the world at large.

    The documents Assange acquired contains perhaps the most ripping secrets since the Watergate scandal reached public awareness.

    In the documents, it was discovered that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton ordered American diplomats to serve as spies.  She ordered the diplomats to spy on foreign officials, to the point of even acquiring DNA samples.  This violation of trust has set back American diplomacy tenfold.

    And while the front is bad, it is not as bad as knowing we live in a world of a nuclear-powered Iran.  Even Arab countries have begged Obama to bomb Iran, for fear of the lives of citizens.

    These gripping secrets released by Assange were but the tip of the iceberg and every exposed government, with Obama and Clinton at the lead of the mob, is seeking to muzzle Assange and violate his right to free speech.

    Where would America be of Nixon were never exposed?  And if Ollie North never had to take the stand?  Where we would be, if the media were not free to publish and bring to light information that is going on behind the back of American citizens?

    These questions are at the top of the 24 media headlines, as Assange has been caught and apprehended after an international search was ordered upon his person:  on what charges, you may ask?

    No, not espionage.  Not illegal release of information.  But “having sex without a condom”.  Yes, they pulled the sex card.

    Surely, Bill Clinton had nothing to do with sex, because really, what is is and what is sex?  If you can’t answer that clearly in five seconds, you must acquit, because the condom don’t…ok.

    You get the drift.  The very people who gave Billy Bob and OJ Simpson a free pass, namely likely half of Obama’s administration, are now routing for his arrest and trying to get him back to the US for a trial.

    In addition to this, Wikileaks and their Paypal was shut down, but as you see in the opening action headlines, the Wikileaks folks are fighting back.  They shut down the Mastercard site.

    They shut down Paypal!

    It seems that even the eye-catching yet brain mushing when she speaks Sarah Palin is being targeted as well.

    Does Assange and Wikileaks have the right to internationally publish documents they receive to the world at large, every home, as they please?

    When Watergate broke, the public was shocked and lost faith in the presidency. Deepthroat for years kept a secret identity, but was ultimately hailed as a hero and an ultimate whistleblower.

    What makes this situation different? Is it because the documents were classified (as most governmetn actions)? Is it because there is no real secret illegal action being detailed, aside from Secretary Clinton ordering diplomats to spy on foreign countries?

    These are the questions being wrestled out right now in the legal world, as the government perhaps for the first time realizes the power of instant communication and a new brand of media, where the world can be informed of new findings in only a matter of seconds.

    And while this scenario does raise questions of ethics on all sides, we see how internet communication can be used for good. Genocide in Darfur. Abuse to women and children in various countries. The problem of nations trying to rebuild after tragedy.

    We can solve the ‘blind eye’ problem simply and put these issues on the desktops of billions, worldwide. That power of the internet, in popular format, is still being harnessed in a manner that can actively engage people and inspire action.

    That said, however, condom use? Is that what will jail Assange and be the defining moment of how we treat people like him in the future? Time will tell, and hopefully, the Democrats won’t be hypocrites while everything plays out.

    Because really, what is, is.

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