• Why Do Black Women Have Such Nasty Attitudes?

    December 31, 2010 7:07 pm 223 comments
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  • Have you ever noticed that black women have such nasty attitude? It matters not the setting, the results are always one in the same. Nasty.

    Smacked gum. Snarled face. Squirming neck and high pitched voice. Black women have a chip on their shoulders and always a sense of false entitlement.

    This topic started to brew deep in my soul and gut the other day when I was just driving, peacefully down the road. Suddenly and without warning, a young black woman was tailgating my truck and angrily honking her horn without cause.

    She was apparently in a hurry and when I looked in my rearview mirror, a saw a screaming black harpy giving me the middle finger business! She then got in the wrong lane, passed me and rolled her passenger window down to yell some profanities.

    This really ruined my morning and set me foul. In my mind, I started to think of all the other times in my life when black women were just nasty to me without any good reason. I’ll be there, just standing and minding my own business, then suddenly a black woman is snapping her eyes or giving sassy stares in my direction. What is the psychological component that makes black women have such anger and animosity to normal men just minding their business?

    Take this next situation for example. Several years ago, I was simply at Wal-mart and doing some family grocery shopping. I was looking over some fresh produce for a fruit salad recipe my wife, wished to prepare. A black women was looking over bundles of fresh lettuce, and packing them in her cart. She had a full cart of these strange green lettuce bundles so I asked and says, “Ma’am, what on Earth is that breed of lettuce you are putting into your cart? Why so much?”

    With a demented snap of her black neck and brown eyes, this vile woman looked me down and says, “What you mean honktonk cracker, these are greens. You are ignorant!” Then she stormed off.

    Now one, there was no cause for her to be racist and call me hateful names. Just because my skin is normal toned does not give her the right to be evil. Why do black women think they can be racist and get away with it?

    Then, I simply wanted to know the health benefits of all the lettuce she was packing up on. I knew it was green, but she just had to belabor the point as if I were dumb.

    So all the last week, I chewed these thoughts up and pondered. Why are black women so mean to nice people such as myself, just consistently. Is it a social breeding issue? Psychological? Are black people inherently racist and think I owe them something due to petty issues from hundreds of years ago?

    To fully investigate these thoughts, we must look into the black culture itself. We must understand this attitude and bad malicious spirit of the black woman at the root. Why are these women just mean and nasty so often?

    To understand a black woman, we must first break down their nature and then their nurture. It is no secret that blacks are more primal than other races, especially when watching the Olympics. You’ll see the more cerebral people running a bit slower than the toned, taut bodies of the athletic black athletes.

    Why Does Black WOmen Have Nasty Attitude?: A Genetic Nature View

    There are difference between the brains of black women and let’s say a Caucasian brain or even Asiatic brain. Many people fail to take into consideration the deep implication of these scientific facts.

    Phenotypic differences between young white female fetus and that of a young black female fetus. Click to enhance full scientific details.

    As you can see from my purely detailed scientific piece, the data indicate that there are phenotypic differences between that of a young black woman and an innocent white baby.

    Look primarily at the differences in the frontal lobes, or cerebral hemispheres. You’ll see while the child to the left is crammed with logic and reason by virtue of the enlarged frontal masses, the three brain layers hardly able to contain the organizational prowess and intuitiveness, on the right we see a more sleek, aerodynamic design crammed into a tighter, thicker skull casing. Do an experiment.

    If you have a pet dog or cat, bop them on the nose or tail. Notice how quickly they get mean-tempered. This is because you’ll notice that more akin to the human on the right, their skulls are slightly less expanded in the cerebral areas. This gives them a more ornery, cranky demeanor and quick to frustration. This is why there are so many dog bites per year and part of the genetic component of a black woman’s more dramatic, emotional nature.

    Black people also have a pigment in their skin called melanin. While this neat protein is excellent at blocking harmful ultraviolet radiation, which is very important in Africa, you see the effect of excessive melanin within the brain is also a predeposition to anger. This can also be why black women tend to be more hot-tempered and even in prison, we see more upset black people than other races.

    Why Does Black Women Have Nasty Attitude: A Nurture Component

    So now we understand the simple facts of how black women are hardwired to be mean. There is not much they can do about that, but even so, it is possible to overcome our innate characteristics. Why is it that evey day, we see there are actually Mexicans who want to sneak over here and do honest work? Yes, they have no right and I would gladly help grab a shotgun and chase them back to where they belong, but nevertheless, there are thousands if not tens of them who get over their mitochondrial induced laziness and desire to work. We see it in the Chinase. They have a bloodlust for violence, but they put themselves in business suits and try to do business to the best of their ability.

    Why do black women feel so free and just in being nasty whenever they please and to whoever they see fit? Why do they feel vindicated and justified in their disrespect and horrible antics?

    It goes into the psychological concept of nurture.

    Black women are raised with a victim mentality. On average, most black women are largely raised by a domineering grandmother and an actual mother who has issues with her husband, or more likely, ‘baby’s dad-dy’. These women teach their young Standasha or Styeleekie (they usually also have unorthodox names, which is a component we will discuss soon) that they are a victim and should feel great anger toward men, especially white ones.

    Then they get told these fantastical tales of people like Rosa Parks, who is praised in the black community for not letting a nice, old man sit down next to her on a bus. They misconstrue the story and try to make it look like this woman was not being rude, but truth be told the old man needed a sit and had also suffered a recent myocardial infarction, a heart attack, and also had COPD. He was gasping for breath and Rosa Parks laughed and refused to help him out, because she was nasty.

    Then we see them praise even more modern black women with attitude. In the political realm, we have big domineering women like Michelle Obama and even worse, Condoleezza Rice.

    Condoleezza, or Condi, has an unorthodox black name and was the hired secretary of our dear president and sage leader George W. Bush. President Bush knows black women love to be office secretary and can do good at repetitive office tasks, so hired Rice.

    Even though Condi put up the facade of being a true June Cleaver and loyal to her master, we see that behind the scenes she has a fiery serpent’s tongue and sassy lips, with

    It is no wonder why so many black men run from black women and leave them to raise the kids.We can see even black men are growing tired of the their black women’s bad behavior, nagging, Medusa shaking of snaked weaves hair and constant attitude.

    There is example after example of idolized black women with nasty attitudes. From overbearing black mothers demanding their children lavish them with ridiculous stage productions, synchronized dance and song, to songstresses themselves who encourage black girls to ask men, “Can you pay my bills, can you pay my telephone bills, can you pay my automobills’ and then if the answer is no, they get violent and unleash a hurricane’s wind of argument and namecalling upon their victim.

    Many black mothers remain an overbearing force in their children's lives, tormenting them with attitude for decades on end and muting their social development. ChristWire.org

    “I’m tired of you axin’ for your keys and you’s triphulant”. Look at how that black women is talking down that nice gentleman, it is really no wonder black women cannot keep a man happy.

    Even as such, every institution has a current leader. There is that one person who epitomizes what so many strive to achieve, even subconsciously. Black women have a subconscious instinct that they are supposed to be mean and inapproachable, their foul moods and moments of boisterous jubilance more unpredictable than a bipolar tornado.

    Oprah Winfrey.

    Oprah Winfrey is a billionaire woman who controls millions of women, with just her spoken word. With but a snap of her fingers, she gave Obama enough votes to beat a good, seasoned maverick, defender of democracy and politically experienced Senator John McCain. All she had to do was make black women feel justified in playing the race card in their votes.

    From even her early career, Winfrey starred in a movie named The Color Purple. This was a racist movie in which the name is a word play on the color spectrum, meaning that the all black cast (no white people allowed in the movie) wish their skin was so black, it was the color purple. The movie was a film about black women playing victim and how everyone is supposedly against them.

    With all the glam and makeup, people oft times forget Oprah is black. She buys her audiences loyalty and patience with her attitude by giving them free cars and trips to Australia.

    For over 25 years, Oprah has made black women feel justified in yelling their opinions at everyone, accusing anyone who disagrees of being racist or ‘triphulant’. Oprah has become so masterful at this ability, that even sometimes we have seen other races of women joining right in with her manipulative talk show techinques.

    And even with all the money and power, we can still find that at the core, Oprah cannot rise above one fact: she is a black woman with attitude. Just as Maya Angelou’s poem “I Rise” claims that blacks can overcome so much, we see the fact is that a black woman is always just that: naturally mean, naturally nasty and raised to have an chipped shoulder.

    The Daily Mail helps us explore this phenomena:

    This is the Oprah that everyone is used to seeing. Flowing hair, nice, clean smile. This is every black woman you may see heading to church, crossing the street in an elderly age or in a professional position. With all the glitter and gold, how friendly they can look. But in this expose, you’ll see what lies beneath and there is no shock.

    Here is a face you have all likely seen before. It may have been cursing you at the Wal-mart, just like my recent black attitude nasty woman did me. Perhaps you were at the hospital, and had to endure a very mean-spirited and cranky black nurse.

    You’ve all come across this tired face at the DMV, beady eyes squinted and lips puckered and ready to semi-auto fire an icy torrent of curses and threats to your ears. You just want to renew your license and instead, find an unprecedented form of black ice ready to ruin and wreck your day.

    You’ll be surprised, but the black woman in that picure is Oprah. Beneath the surface, as I said, due to nature and nurture it is all the same.

    Look at that mean bun back there. I don’t know how many times I’ve been stuck behind a black woman at the store, using her government food card and arguing with the cashier checker because she’s not allowed to buy certain food items.

    She’ll yell and this decapitated Mickey Mouse ear just moves all around, faster than a coarse hockey puck. You can only count yourself lucky if you get stuck in this scenario, and the bopping head in front of you doesn’t have eye-blinding weave-ons stucked in her stiff hair bun, flailing about like a wild peacock that got a spicy enema.

    What’s even scarier to know is that Oprah Winfrey is opening a new channel for black women, on January, 1st.

    It will have show after show aimed at making black women think it is normal to feel justified in being racist to all other people, besides themselves. How can something that makes you hate, claim to make you grow? It is brainwashing at its finest.

    Friends, we are living in cruel days, evil hours. Pastor Gould said it best when he warned of the corruption facing so many segments of our society. It is sad that black women are innately programmed to have melanin-induced anger, likely from the sins of Hamm himself, but to have a society that nurtures their innate errors is truly scary.

    With Oprah Winfrey’s new channel, like never before will we see black women yelling, screaming, chasing away their baby’s fathers and being horrible to others in places of business and pleasure. It will have an effect on their children; they will grow up insecure and prone to crime and teenage pregnancy, at rates even greater than now.

    Why does black women have such nasty attitudes?

    Denial. Genetics. Sociological influences. Bad parenting. Can they overcome these odds?

    To an extent, yes, but deep down, and at the root, the attitude of black women will always be coarse and nappy, and that is a sad reality that will probably be with humanity, for all time.

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