• Why Is Everyone’s Facebook Picture A Cartoon

    December 5, 2010 5:56 pm 3 comments
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  • When my son was home on college Thanksgiving break, he forgot to take the cookies out of his Facebook so now I can get in and see what he is up to with his secret friend messages.

    Before even starting, I suggest all you parents do the same to see where your tuituion moneys are being spent.  I can see my son is asking me for money and then partying with his friends and am just biding my time and printing out all his messages for the big reveal this summer.

    Even more confusing to me, however, is why is everyone’s Facebook picture a cartoon?  I read some of his friend’s messages and they are saying it is stopping child abuse.

    All you have to do is print pictures of old cartoons everywhere and it saves a child for each one.

    Let’s try!

    Here I have posted Daffy Ducks. Daffy is a black duck who acts like he is on coke drugs, so it is really no surprise.

    No worries that he is crazy and on drugs, however, because if you post this to your Facebook apparently less kids will be abused. Let’s keep saving childrens.

    Next, is Speedy Sanchez. Just like a sneaking Mexican at the border, it yells airyba airyba and tries to run as fast as possible from la migra (represented by the cat). For years now illegal Mexicans have been a thorn in the side of our great country and they keep impeding in our land.

    Who cares today though! The more of these random cartoons I share and then you put in your Twitters and Facebook, it will save children. It must be true because everyone is doing it, just like a orgy of Mexican bunnies. The outcome must be more and more.

    The Simpsons is a nasty whorefest program that masquerades as ‘children’s entertainment’. This tv show programs children how to curse God, believe in violence, think a broken home is normal for America and it is okay for your mother to be a whore and have sexuals with geriatric Hugh Heffner to get into his Satanic playboy magazine.

    When the lead matriarch of the show allows a random grandpa to batter his ram through her holy doors, that should be only reserved for her husband, you would think it would be considered a bad message for children. But not today! Even if you post this image to your Facebook college kiddos, you will be saving all sorts of innocent children from abuse. All you have to do is share some cartoons, no matter what they represent.

    Even Katy Perry is joining in, by taking this picture for us and showing that you can rub a man’s dome into milksacks, and as long as there is a cartoon involved it is okay. Notice her dress also celebrates the children and I see five cartoons total, so five more children saved from abuse with this image.

    At this point, I’m getting very exhausted with all the children I have saved, but would be remiss if I did not continue to fight through my exhaustion for the cause.

    Here I have now shared SouthPark with everyone. In the scene, we can see there is a homosexual moment occurring and the Jews of Doom Trey Stone and Matthew Parker are behind it. Why they get away with trying to convince elementary children it is normal to tongue lick another boy’s face as he eats children is beyond me, but that don’t matter.

    This one image has seven cartoons in it. I have invoked the holy number and saved 7 more. How many have you done saved today with your picture shares?

    Anime. It is the Japanese word for image and video nasties. On any other day, I would just use paint and cover this all in black. Today, however, I have just used the no smoking signal to block out the sin of this anime and give you another potential image to share.

    This one anime girl can save the life of one real girl, a Japanese or even proper American. It is your choice.

    The life of children. So precious, so please take the time to post one of these images I have shared or perhaps your own to make a difference. Every time you post a cartoon, a child is saved and protected.

    That is the power of Facebook.

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