• A Real Life Chinese Unicorn Man (Chinese Man With Horn on Head)

    January 10, 2011 4:01 pm 18 comments

    The Chinese have now mastered the ability to create unicorn people.  It may sound preposterous, but this Satanic ability of genetic science is a reality and it means something horrible for us all.

    I am eternally grateful that our good friend Amber Cooper reminded us all that just because we fear the terrorizing Chinese people, it does not make us racist. This takes the fire out of the liberal media and their arguments against such exposes against the Chinese.

    Look upon the codon altered abomination of horrors.

    To understand what is truly going on here, it is important to remember this modern unicorn movement is the result of Harry Potter movies.

    Within the films, two children were enticed to have forest beastiations with two unicorn creatures.  This was shown on screen and another reason parents should not allow children near the smut written by JK Tolkien.

    Liberals tried to emerge and lie, saying unicorns did not exist and that the Harry Potter film condoned no such things.  We rebutted the media allegations and revealed the Real Life Unicorn Women, a product of bizarre science and the latexed laboratory hand of Satan.  In this expose, we also covered the origins of the unicorn and why they had to be wiped out, because they were too big and unpredictable to travel with Noahes.
    Satan has used his scientific powers and evolved a women into a unicorn.  You can see his works expressed by the single horn phenotype.

    Satan has used his scientific powers and evolved this women into a unicorn. You can see his works expressed by the single horn phenotype.

    In review, you can see that now the Chinese have mastered the ability to manipulate the alleles in such a way, that they can craft the genetic essence of a unicorn into their people.

    This is very bad for all decent nations, for unicorns in the Bible were noted for their apparent beauty, but dangerous demeanor.  History records how these creatures were feared by all others, even a mighty lion or a bayou gator.  Even God chose to save humanity, who had sinned in homosexuality and murder before him, and let every single unicorn drown in a watery grave of wrath.

    This shows you the danger of unicorns, and Satan has likely snorkled down to the deepest reaches of the sea, where not even the most advanced self contained underwater breathing apparatus can let a mere mortal go.

    Satan has snatched up the bones of unicorns, used restrictions enzymes such as ecoR1 to cleave amazingly preserved DNA fragment, then helped Chinese scientists bind these genes at the sticky ends to Chinese infant germ cells.  Crafty Satan has crafted DNA right into the human genome, bypassing even the need for pluripotent or even totipotent stem cells this time around.

    It is all dizzying in its complex simplicity.  Satan is trying to amass an army of beautiful hybrid warriors, so he can write ridiculous books of how his horned armies of darkness emerged from the East to overcome God’s people to the West.  He will call this book “Harry Potter 6:  The True Agenda” and reveal his true hand.  It will be like The Bible for the heathen Chinese, NAZI and atheist masses.  It will be their new call to faith, a call where genetic science and Godless atheism reign supreme, and Satan masquerades as the god of all, with his unicorn hybrid Chinese horse armies to do his bidding.

    There will be liberals out there who try to deny all of this, being skeptical without knowing the facts because they are small minded.  If you are in that number, shut your mouth and look at this.

    To the right, you see yet more proof of China’s genetic industry.  This woman has been imbued with biunicorn phenotypic expression of horns.  Upon her head, you can tell she has had a double-down dose of unicorn DNA crafted into her.

    While she may be a gentle figure of aged grace and serenity in this image, looking into the eyes lives a shiver down the spine.  You can tell a supernatural ability and force is here:  the power of the unicorns of ancient times, the duplicitous genetic ability of Satan the Scientist.  The will for domination by the Chinese menace.

    Friends, China is amassing a great army.  They are atheists and do not worship our Lord and Savior.  They dream of the day when they will all join together with their hyrbid unicorn humans, attacking us with ferocity and riding upon fiery gales from East, blown by none other than Satan himself.

    The age of genetic warfare is upon us, and as Americans, we must protect the world.  We must get to know and understand these unicorn people.  No telling how many of these powerful individuals now actually exist, but they are here.  We must embrace them and more importantly, demand a policy where we track the productions of all Chinese laboratories and bring nuclear fires to whatever seems to be a threat to humanity.

    These unicorn people can be turned against us, so let us bring them to the light of American lifestyle and thinking, so they may instead join us and finally, be able to bring even unicorns into the kingdom of glory and deliverance.

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