• Are Facebook Sex Gangs Using “Wikileaks” To Target Your Teens?

    January 25, 2011 9:38 am 89 comments

    wikileaks facebook sex gangs

    A 16-year-old girl recently bragged to her friends that she was home alone, trying on sports bras. That may sound innocent enough but this young person spread the news via Facebook, the popular social networking site where hundreds of millions across the globe had access to her most private information. In that mix of people clicking around this child’s profile, there certainly were the worst sorts of criminals– possibly even rapists and pedophiles.

    As Facebook has flourished over the years, Christian families have struggled to keep up. The number of homosexual, radical socialist and drug-related groups on this internet service are impossible to quantify. Faith groups like Focus on the Family have created comprehensive guides to stopping the online obsession of America’s teens. Many great parental monitoring software programs have been invented. Progress has indeed been made. Yet children, suffering from peer pressure and angry rebellion, continue to clamor for more time with their computers and inevitably that means time away from the concerned oversight of parents.

    The latest dilemma for those in the faith community is the rise of Wikipedia. You may have heard about the website’s recent troubles with the law. It has been involved in the unheard of illegal release of millions of pages of secret data about the lives of American citizens. It also serves as a comprehensive encyclopedia of revisionist history, enlisting the young in an international conspiracy to belittle Christianity and U.S. Patriotism. Sadly enough, too little is known about the larger political aspirations of this questionable internet empire.

    In London, reports of sex gangs using Facebook to target innocent teens has made headlines and resulted in calls for governmental censorship. A mix of European and Arab men have been “friending” young people in a scheme to turn them to drugs and prostitution. These types lust for the simplicity and naiveté of a blossoming soul, for it is something they have long lost in their pursuit of violence and Allah’s grand kingdom. Also in London, Wikileaks continues to dump massive amounts of personal data online, including bank information and more. The site has violated countless lives, destroying the precious sense of decency so necessary for modern decorum. As these two reckless internet sites inevitably collude, the danger our young face is potentially catastrophic.

    All a blackmailer needs is one risky photograph (found easily enough in any profile) and the name of the school a girl attends. With that information he can threaten to send the nude photo to all the girl’s classmates unless she succumbs to his vile demands. This is a common tactic used by Communist agents who taunt homosexuals with exposure unless they become spies against their home countries. It is one of the many reasons that gays are recognized as a security risk in the war against terror and radical socialism.

    Julian Assange, the president of Wikileaks, was himself caught in one of these scandals. He is accused by international courts of befriending two young women that he subsequently forced into obscene intimate situations. It’s shocking to think that this man has access to such a large online network of kids and remains free to use the web as he awaits prosecution. A forthcoming report in Shape Magazine reveals that young people on Facebook are far more likely to quickly engage in sexual activities, including sodomy, with someone they have just met. Other risky social sites are also to blame. Names like Foursquare and Reddit.com come to mind when one thinks of dangerous liaisons.

    Are we on the brink of another nationwide teen sex crisis? Only time will tell, but the warning signs are evident. The rampant hardcore sexuality is dripping on every page you click to these days. Children delight in exposing their serene, smooth bodies to every man they encounter. These are kids so burdened with hormones and a desire to fit in; they will do just about anything to get your attention. This trend hasn’t escaped the greedy eyes of pedophiles, either. No longer are they prowling parks and public toilets. They’re logging on and getting off. It’s a horrific thought to imagine so our most beautiful children getting acquainted with old perverts living in grungy basements, nothing but a stained blanket and their deepest desires to comfort them as they send out cloying messages of eerie fetishism and socialist depravity.

    Fortunately for the girl mentioned at the beginning of this article, her mother was monitoring her Facebook profile using a cell phone. Like any smart, loving parent, she immediately left the restaurant where she was dining with friends and rushed home. Once there, she secured the family premises from intruders. She lectured her daughter about web predators and watched as her the terrified child deleted the offensive post. Just goes to show that old-fashioned parental vigilance is still the key!


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