• Are You Addicted to Jesus?

    January 30, 2011 10:49 pm 7 comments
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    People get addicted to new things every single day; television, videos and pornography, what more is there to say?

    The addictions offered by Satan are many and the consequences of these poisonous drugs are realized by few, especially our youth.

    Our world continually falls into a state of chaos and unrest, because the minds of people — especially our youth — are clouded in the turbulent, expansive sea of secular culture.

    A cursory look into the popular items of today reveal the machinations of Satan’s hands. Within the mind, body and spirit of America lurks a great darkness; one bred in the same smelting pots that cook up “crystal meth” or “anime”,the Japanese codeword for pornography.

    Much as a devil’s food cake does a diabetic, or a sweet salty pork flank does the heart attack survivor, the wafting smells of addiction cause the body to lust for things which will only destroy it in the end.

    There is one addiction in this world that can cure diabetes or those with a broken heart. Do not think I speak of just speak of a physically broken heart, friend. Today, we are talking about an addiction that is free for all and that can cure any ailment you face in life.

    Are you troubled by financial woes? How about a broken relationship or marriage? Do you seek to find peace in your life, or relief from a drug or alcohol addiction that has brought you to the brink of self-destruction?

    If any of these things are true for you, I have a new slang that is old as time itself. It has always been available for you, no matter what street or locale you’re in. I ask you today if you want some of what I have to give you. I’m a dealer and so are many other; but you never have to see us to get addicted to the best thing you will ever have in your life.

    Friends, today, I encourage you to take the biggest hit of a new addiction for your life. I call it “J”. And the one question you need to ask yourself is,this: Are you A to J?

    Be blessed and spread the good word.

    -Brad Gould-

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