• As Egypt Descends in Chaos, Should Sarah Palin Support a US-Led Invasion?

    January 28, 2011 3:43 am 234 comments

    sarah palin invasion of egypt

    The escalating crisis in Egypt could become a defining moment for Sarah Palin. Rioters have taken over the streets, top presidential cabinet members have fled the country and numerous reports of Christians having their phone and internet services cut off have reached America. The thirty-year rein of Hosni Mubarak may be finally reaching an end.

    The troubles started in Tunisia where students, working unwittingly at the behest of fundamentalist Islamics, overthrew their government and turned the North African state into a place of violence and anarchy. As was seen in Southeast Asia in the 60s, this movement threatens to ignite the whole continent in revolution against our strongest allies in the region.

    The Taliban took advantage of this type of dilemma several decades ago, leading to the rise of an Al Qaida dictator state in Afghanistan. The same can be said of Iran, which for a moment showed hopes of becoming a true democracy before sliding dangerously into Muslim theocracy. There is little doubt that revolution in Egypt will lead to a similar problem. The Christian minority there has always lived tenuously, repressed and discriminated against in ways the mainstream media is reluctant to report. “Seizing a Moment, Al Jazeera Taps Arab Anger,” is the headline in the New York Times, signaling just how quickly Islamicists are trying to profit from this upheaval. The Times even goes so far as to call this “Al Jazeera’s moment.” A totalitarian regime based on Sharia Law and closed off to U.S. oversight is the worst possible outcome of this insurgency.

    Another aspect that should be taken into account is that radical elements in the United States are interpreting this uprising as a teachable moment. On message boards, social networking sites and the web pages of leftwing groups across the nation, young Americans are voicing interest in similar riots taking place on our very soil. Socialists, liberals and eco-terrorists are fully behind the violence in Egypt. Their talk of a coup d’etat in the U.S. is dangerous, possibly treasonous, and threatens our greatest traditions of moral primacy.

    sarah palin invasion of egypt

    This dilemma does have a silver lining, however. It offers Sarah Palin an incredible opportunity. Stung after the events in Tucson, where leftwing activists tried to blame her for the acts of a mentally disturbed occultist, she could rise to the occasion and show off her credentials on the international stage. President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have been slow to discuss what is happening in Egypt. In truth, they are playing a sickening balancing act of recalcitrant diplomacy, ultimately toying with the safety and future of the United States in ways they do not seem to appreciate.

    Governor Palin needs to speak out publicly and forcibly for an American-led invasion to protect our interests in North Africa. As the largest recipient of foreign aid next to Israel, the United States has a tremendous investment in keeping Egypt stable and relatively terrorist-free. There are many sympathizers on the ground who have not been able to express their allegiance to democracy and freedom for fear of repression by the rioters. The Governor could become the center of their rallying cries. Upon her direction, other Western nations are sure to join us. This is the pressure Obama needs to act. With the recent ascent of the Tea Party in the House and Senate, this decision would certainly gain Congressional support. Do we truly need another 84 million enemies of Christianity? Sarah Palin can head off this possibility in Egypt if she moves swiftly.


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