• Bieber’s Mom Claims He Is A Gift from God

    January 5, 2011 7:14 pm 6 comments

    Bieber’s mother is now claiming that her child is a gift from God. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair magazine, Pattie Mallette (Justin Bieber’s mother) has made far-fetched claims.

    The mother of a different last name is claiming that her teenage son was sent to bring light and inspiration to the world.  She makes these bold claims when there is plenty of evidence to the contrary.

    Justin Bieber is a very nasty child.  In rap videos, there is evidence of this child making lewd remarks of sexual nature to grown women.  We then see that even toddler age girls are repeating his sex fueled lyrics while bopping their body in cadence to his urban-produced beats.

    How can such a child be of God, when his music is not promoting the worship of the heavenly father?  How is Justin Bieber’s music leading our youth to Christ.  It is not.

    Bieber is in cahoots with violent gang members and according to several reports, images surfaced of potential unsubstantiated drug use.

    As you digest the facts and questions, take into consideration that Hollywood exploits youth.  They have created a sexualized market in which they use the lowest common denominator to market products to teenagers.

    We’ve seen them exploit Miley Cyrus. We’ve seen them do it to Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears.  Now all of these girls are showing signs of major corruption and forms of addictive drug abuse.

    Now, is it that a gift from God is being presented shirtless, semi-rippling abs being glinted by a faint Californian winter’s sun?

    We can only pray that an old man is not being filled with carnal thoughts across that checker table.  How does this image serve God and bring children before the throne of grace?

    More from the Vanity Fair shoot, during which Bieber’s mother talked of her son’s cosmic importance to morality and decency in America.

    Girls are fawning after Bieber, who is modeling himself after “Elvis The Pelvis” Presley.

    Elvis was such a vile, provocative man that even the television studios refused to show him from the waist down, as it would cause girls to sweat with clenched suprapubic sins, the very thing that Satan himself takes so much delight in thinking about.

    This image from Vanity Fair captures a deadly sin:  Lust.

    How old are the girls in this image, who salivate over Justin Bieber?  They can be no more than 8 or 9 and they are being exploited.

    We are expected to believe that serenading an African-American child on a hidden picnic is somehow promoting Christ.  If you look closely at the blanket, you can see they have even been playing a game of poker, which is fitting because Satan constantly tries to convince boys to “poke her” if you let them alone too long with your daughters.

    Do not forget this fact and again, we see this is not an instrument of bringing anyone closer to the Father.

    I am no sure what is so adorable about having a child’s lip-stick stained clothing ripped off by an unknown hand.  Parents some other parent can enlighten the world as to how this is not considered implied sexual acts that is abuse to this child.

    He has been covered with lipstick, likely from the supple and yearning lips of a collegiate intern, hot to do anything for that big break in Hollywood. Bieber’s face has the satisfied look of teenage adolescence, one you will see in the veiled guilt of a smiling teenage boy who just had a closed door masturbation session.

    No telling what sort of bizarre acts came before and after this picture, but you can rest assured none of it was holy or appropriate for a teenage boy child to endure.

    If we are to believe this child is a gift from God, he needs to turn his life around.  His mother needs to protect him from the hellhounds of Hollywood and give him counseling, for he has already been set into the paths of perversion and it is so easy for anyone, especially our youth, to get lost on those paths my friends.

    Let us hope this child finds his way out and into a better life.

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