• Black Mothers Are Failing At Raising Their Children

    January 3, 2011 2:55 pm 4 comments

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    Adam Nelson

    There is a major problem with modern black mothers not raising their children properly.

    I work at a health facility and cannot tell you how many careless black mothers bring in their children in dirty diapers and can’t speak properly, even though they are school-aged. I can’t tell you how many of them are on welfare health insurance, yet still do not keep their children’s shots up-to-date and get them in within a timely manner when afflicted with an obvious UTI or URI. They talk loudly on cell phones all types of day and are not keen to their children’s immediate needs, but are not hesitant at all to slap their kids around if they make too much noise and or move too much. That type of backyard parenting is hardly worthy to be called anything close to parenting.

    How many inner-city schools have gang drug violence, gun violence and teenage mothers? I will guarantee you far more than a good suburban school with people of proper demographic cohort. Shame on those who try to sit there and defend a careless breed of mothers when the facts state otherwise, headline after headline. And before you even dare say it, there isn’t anything racist about stating the facts. There is a problem with black mothers and this cycle of their kids popping out babies in their teen years, getting on welfare and then repeating the cycle. These mothers need to teach their kids values that will encourage them to achieve in life, to give them the wings to grow and go places far beyond their ghettos where we see this senseless cycle just repeating itself.

    Black mothers need to teach their kids responsibility from a young age, be good and consistent parents and teach them the values of working hard for yourself, and not being complacent and expecting someone else to do it for you. That’s the problem and that’s something that black mothers need to take care of. They say that black kids are falling behind: all black children start in one place; their mothers.

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