• Dear Black People of The World

    January 16, 2011 9:44 am 29 comments

    Dear Black People of the world, as we sit today on the weekend you’ve named for Martin Luther King Jr., all on the eve of Black History Month — a month you name for yourself yet you somehow do not find racist — I want to ask you one thing:  when will you stop with your sense of entitlement?

    Do not get me wrong.  Sure, your ancestors and your people were brought over to our country in chains.  Your grandmammy was shackled down to a boat while your patriarchs oared across the deep oceans, from the deepest dark jungles of the Africas and in to the light of decency and civilization in the Americas.

    There were many horrors that took place in those old times:  you retold your tales to the world through Alex Haley and a book series named Roots.  White people helped you turn it into a television series, a series that took no restraint in rekindling anger towards all whites, as if somehow we were to be responsible for the wrongdoings of our ancestors.  You were given months to retell history without arguments and you used it to spread hate to every white person possible.

    Do not argue with the facts, it is why every black person holds a grudge to every white and makes accusations of baseless racism to this very day.  I’m a living witness.

    Every day I turn on the news, and it is the same.  Blacks are using up the welfare system.  You only account for 13% of the population, yet 43% of all welfare recipients are blacks.

    In the ghetto, your black daughters prostitute themselves to men with unprotected sex, the product of which is litters of young pickaninny on Obamacare.  Each one of these little chocolate morsels must be fed, must be schooled (unseperated and equally), must be housed and then with fingers crossed, not repeat the mistakes of their welfare mothers or absentee fathers.

    Why are there so many black men in prison?  Every time I go to volunteer and minister to prisoners, so many of the population is angry and black.  These men are caged animals and will bite at a moment’s notice.  They would be impregnating their women with more welfare babies if out, and likely using their street skills to steal and sell drugs, all to the cadence of gang music and dispelled bullet rounds.

    Where is the accountability?  Where is the responsibility for you and your people.  Instead of extending the finger of accusations, why do you not extend the hand of fellowship and embrace the spirit of responsibility?

    There is no excuse for black children to be so far behind in the SAT, and ACT and even the Iowa Test of Basic Skills.  While we see the proper American, the Asians and even the Mexicans excel in their fields of academia, black children continue to squalor like a diseased squash in the fields of rotten failure and blight.  Blacks sully up our school systems, the very systems that exceptional blacks such as Thurgood Marshall and the Supreme Court integrated during Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education.

    Friends and even those who will call me enemy, heed my words.  The problem with the black community today is that instead of investing in opportunity and equality, instead it is yoked by the bonds of the past.  Instead of being the “Hope and the Dream of the Slave”, blacks are resolute to not achieve.

    Since Brown vs. Board of Education, blacks continue to massively fail in school.  Sure, there are those who are successful and it is proof that anyone can achieve, if they put their mind to it.  Still, why do we see so many black men picking up the gun instead of picking up the pencil?  Why do so many black women have welfare babies and no fathers around?

    Today, there is a black man in the White House.  Only 60 years ago, a black man could not even walk down every sidewalk.  The time for excuses is over, black people.  You do not need affirmative action.  There is no reason why little Jamal or little Standaiysja cannot find success and get their homework done on time.

    So many of us fought to get you equal right and even gave our lives.  Now is the time time for you to stop failing.

    As you reflect on Martin Luther King Jr. and your Civil Rights this weekend, remember that Martin Luther King’s dream did not involve your children robbing stores and not taking advantage of all the opportunities provided for them.

    Black men, good Marty King did not dream of the day you would beat your wives, not raise your kid and then do smoked drugs and drink malt liquor.

    Think of how low King hangs his head and flies around heaven in shame, as he watches black mothers have no self-esteem and not rise above the perpetual cycling circumstance of America’s black ghettos.

    It is time for you to rise, black people!  Rise!  Maya Angelou is an exceptional black poet and she said it best:  it is time to stop making excuses and rise.  You can do it but you just must stop hanging on to the past.

    Stop using Martin Luther King Jr., slavery and all the other as a crutch.  Stop trying to make white people feel they owe you something, for what your ancestors endured many years ago.  Move on and achieve, black people, for  this is now your country too and you are not bringing it massive honor:  but only small victories that are being overshadowed by the darkest clouds of looming shame.

    It is your time to step into the light, my African-American brothers and sisters.  You have the opportunity and we cheer for y, so that our country can be better.  We are only as strong as our weakest link, and right now, America is being shackled by the bonds of your failure.

    Step it up and have strong work, and then, see yourself as not black.  But as American.  It is the way of success and what you deserve.  It is what you must have.  It is the gift that has been given unto you.


    - Rev. Clyde H. Higgins

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