• Debaucherous Teenagers, Generation X, Have Corrupted Our Grandparents with Lewd Lifestyles and Media Culture

    January 5, 2011 5:16 pm 10 comments

    The teenagers of today’s time are vile and repulsive.

    Corrupted by liberal politics that condemn the values-enforcing institution of spanking, all the way to being suffered the inability to pray in public schools, teenagers of today’s time are corrupt, are inept and without values.

    Generation X is included in this number as well.  These children of today bow before preternaturally pedophile glam musical shows such as Glee, where they are taught it is natural for teachers to fondle students in tensed, gripping throes of depravity and then sing of the acts in secret, synchronized songs.

    Today’s children are without values and drifting farther out into the rolling seas of iniquity, where only the ominous fate of damnation rolls dark on the farthest horizons.  Our children are without a bright future and it is mainly social media, vide0-gaming,  liberal law and foul music and television industry to blame.

    Even more shocking is the affect the downfall in ethics within modern children is having on our most esteemed fellows, our parents, or even grandparents.  The last of the Greatest Generation of mankind.

    Much like a newborn child, elder people tend to imprint.  They are reliant on others for many things, including social needs and self-identifying.   The elderly largely determine the quality of their life by the merit and acts of their grandchildren.  They live vicariously through their children and grandchildren.

    Sadly, this natural habit of the elderly has brought us many shocking things, in a horrible look at a social phenomena I have coined ‘reverse imprinting’.

    Our colleague Stephenson Billings detailed the horrors of the Golden Girls, a uniquely homosexual show which enticed many young people to become infatuated with habits that lead to an “out” lifestyle.  In an awkward twist, we find our dear grandmothers are extremely prone to being corrupted by the new generation of youth and the battery of lewd and lustful acts their burgeoning ‘culture’ is trying to set as common.

    Perhaps the most disturbing is an act I’ve heard occurs in even elementary schools, called a ‘glorious hole‘.  This act started in homosexual parlors, where in bathroom stalls they drill a hole and then pucker their private parts above the entrance, allowing the person in the next stall over to become engorged with sinful thoughts and thrust away.  It happens to male and females and teachers do not know if giving a ‘potty pass’ is handing out a simple act of relief or a key to the most foul and drenched of fecal fornication.

    These nasty things are promoted by shows such as Yo Gabba Gabba and Glee, as mentioned, and countless others.  Our grandmothers sit in rockers at home, watching these things and then seeing their grandchildren look no different than “Snookie” or the next three-dollar Vegas temptress.

    To fit in with their grandchildren, grandmothers are emulating this modern culture of smoked drugs, drinking binges and wild-homosexual rumpus’ where the most supple of innocent bodies are thrown into the most sickening tumults of exploitation, minds intoxicated and compromised.

    The actions of these grandmothers will bring tears to your eyes.

    • Reverse Imprinting:  Punk Rock Grandmas

      Rock music has long been a problem to society, and as we see with “Punk Rock” all forms of rock are consistently dangerous and corrosive to ethical fortitude.

      The Dictionary defines punk as “a young ruffian, hoodlum” and then a further definition of “a young male partner of a homosexual”.

      The meaning and ideation behind the punk rock movement is lost to children, who do not recognize the mascara-laden faces, pelvic thrusts, thrusted tongues and penchant for tight clothing as predatory homosexual tactics of yesteryear.

      This grandmother lugs abashedly smug after being forced to ‘lemon drop’ her hair.  In urban America, there is a similar punk movement called ‘punk soul’.  Instead of using rock music as a homosexual release and recruitment tool, homosexual African-Americans instead used typical R & B music and fame as a means to get to the backsides of children.

      R. Kelly was one such performer.  He allegedly would urinate on the head of young women, tainting and marking them.  Punk rockers have re-institutionalized this act that took first noticeable origin in the 1960s.   We can see whoever urinated on this poor grandmother is likely using B vitamins, Phenergan in copious quanitity, or perhaps even Indocin.  The urinary dye job could be an attempt to reach out to her grandchildren.

    This grandmother tossed two gang signs, which we have seen hybrid rapper/punk rocker Justin Bieber and many of his followers do in prior weeks.  It’ reported the sign is used as a quick signal between gang members, who have subdued a girl in the home.  “Legs up” or in other words, they are probably raping a girl for drug money.   They use this to not be disturbed and tell their gang to be on the lookout for anyone entering the home.  A punk band ‘Green Day’ is said to also use this sign after many of their concerts, right before entering their dressing rooms with young and  enthusiastic fans.

    The lesbian’s spike style is all to common in the homosexual circuit.  The aggressive, angled nature of the spikes is to show dominance and an upper-hand.  Women who are punk will recognize other females who wear this style as the ‘dildo wielder’, the one who will use a phallic object to forcefully subdue their victims as an outlet to get over their our innate issues from most likely, an abusive father.

    This grandmother is innocent of these facts and just proudly shows she’s shorn her blue-tinged gray curls for this ‘new’ style that stands for flinting deviations from natural order.

    This punk is very dark in nature and may be a variety I’m advised is an ‘emotional’, or ‘emo’ punk.  This version of punk rockers are multi-sexed and shy away from electronics, instead opting to spend time reading poisonous material such as the suspiciously bestial “Twilight” vampyre book series by the morally questionable Stephenie Meyer.

    Upon the arms, this grandmother has been afflicted with arm chains and spikes, in addition to the neck.  These clothing items show a fascination with torture and bizarre sexual acts, things promoted in the Twilight book series.  We also see lesbianism evident in the multi-colored hair.  The look of empty confusion on this grandparent’s face shows a yearning that their grandchild could be moral.

    At first glance, this image submitted to me did not seem so bad.  My student pointed out that the purple tinge in this photo is evidence of another punk band influence, known as the Insane Clown Juggalo Posse.  This group promotes hate and is very Aryan in nature, to the point that our generation of elderly grandparents should be reminded of World War 2.

    Instead, we see they play the part and dress up, even with purple hair that has been dyed with “Faygo”, a punk soda.  This grandmother likely does not realize all of this at all.

    Tattoos are another telling staple of this alternative culture of lesbianism and drugs being promoted by modern Hollywood and social media.  This grandmother is covered with shame; an easel for depravity, bow-tied with a red-brasierre.  What grandchild could do such things to the source of their lifeblood?  There must be countless Biblical edicts which condemn such things, let alone social standards.

    Again, we see another who is decorated like a member of the juggalo punk gang movement.  Here we see a video of them attacking a poor Asian child, who is American but attacked because she showed up to one of their gatherings.  Such expressive hate comes in a semi-mimed package and it really breaks to the heart to see our youths doing these things, veiling their faces in paint as they know themselves they are wrong.

    • Reverse Imprinting:  Gangsta Grandmas

      As mentioned, there is a fusion of urban and suburban aspects in new-age entertainment.  Many rappers sell music to kids of proper upbringing, and vice-versa.

      Go to any suburban school.  You will see the sons of doctors and lawyers dressed like hoodlums, while you may go to a Mexican barrio and see a gang-member dressed in a shirt and tie, holding up a liquor store across the street during lunch break.

      These are the times in which we live and bless the hearts of our elderly, they are trying to adapt to the perverted culture being cultivated by our young and greedy office executives.

    This gang sign is known as “The Shocker”.  Review of an African-American dictionary shows this act is meant to symbolize:

    The sexual act that consists of the dominant partner, either male or female, giving the more subtle female partner pleasure by inserting the index and middle fingers into her vagina and the pinky finger of the same hand into her anus. She is pleasured by the slow/fast thrusting of the hand in and out of the orifices.

    Words cannot describe how sick and bizarre it is to know that urban and even more properly trained teenagers are doing such things. They are seeing these acts on television. They see it in their movies and music videos. They are performing such things in probable innocent and now it is even being passed on to our grandparents.

    • Gypsy Grandma

      There are many girls who idolize a singer named Christina Aguilera, a Mexican immigrant who wormed her way into America and the musical charts through exposed belly-dances and team-ups with gang rappers.

    • Reverse Imprinting:  Stoner Grandmas

      At first glance, it may not be too surprising to see Mexicans doing dangerous drugs such as “Mary Mota”.  The thing we must realize in this image is that in the Hispanic community, family is very important.

      Despite the trouble they cause in America, Mexicans largely commit crimes — be it jumping our border, robbing our stores or selling drugs — so they can provide for their illegal families.

      If there is honor in that, I do not know.  What I do know is that litters of grandchildren should not lead their elders into dangerous, destructive and addictive habits.

    In the left hand, we see a large bottle of whiskey.  In the right hand, a smoking drug instrument known as a ‘weed bong‘.

    Somewhere in that face and in that body, is the lone voice of grandmother who is covered with items of sin.  “Help me”, the soul cries out.   Who would do such things?

    • Reverse Imprinting:  Raver Grandmas

      Raver is the blanket term to answer the question:  “What happened to all the drug-binging acid addicts who stood against our army, morality, decency, Christianity and government in the sixties?”

      You’re looking at the products of that generation’s children.  This poor grandmother likely had to deal with the shame of sending her daughter or son of to college, to only find them doing naked drug orgies at Woodstock and getting hauled off to jail.

      Then to make it even worse, their mixed offspring grew up to throw glowing spheres of PCP laced bracelets onto their grandma during the holidays.  This is why America is failing at all fronts.

    Demon horns, pink hair and electric bars:  sounds like another night in a lesbian sex club.  A thumb’s up is the sign we get here and did the grandchildren let her in on the true implications?

    • Reverse Imprinting:  Modal Grandmas

      There is not much to be said for this one, but shame.  Shame.

    Unless this is actually a gentleman who has been forced to dress as a lady, it looks not much different than a layover in Vegas.  I don’t see much wrong with this one aside from the New Mexican Indian color palate being a bit too bright.

    • Reverse Imprinting:  Glamour Grandmas

      One the television show, The Golden Girls, there was a spicy old number named “Rose”.  Instead of shoring up her hormones in tidy fashion after being hit by Lady Menopause, instead, Rose continued to use her former life-enabling men to snare men in the stiff, thickened traps of geriatric perversion.

      She used sexual antics at an older age to get men far, far younger and it is just not right.

      We see the surge in these acts again today, as media makes a joke of bagging a ‘cougar’, that is, saying it is normal for young men to have sexual relations with women of a post-menopausal age.

      There are jokes being made that this is good for the college aged and teens, for there is no risk of pregnancy or opposing parents wanting to coerce marriage.  It is purely carnal.  It is debauched and with that, we have a new generation of “Rose” to worry about when sending our sons away for college, or even English or any class for a “Fine Arts” requirement at your local high school.

      The Greatest Generation.  They are being perverted and it looks like the process is not going to stop.  Where will we be in 10 or 15 years, or when my generation or yours are the nursing home bound, desperate for family cohort?

      What lows will we stoop to just to fit in and get a few quality moments with our grandchildren?  What dark lifestyles will fill us in an elderly age?  Only time will tell, and let us pray, it does not get much worse that what we’ve seen today.

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