• Despicably Calculating Chinese Plan Destruction of “Dorrar”

    January 16, 2011 6:11 pm 2 comments

    The Chinese are a meticulous, diabolical lot.  Chairman Hu Jintao, China’s dangerous communist dictator of Mao-design, made veiled threats to the US Treasury and Federal government.

    Using brash language and menacingly glottal pops of his throat, Jintao called for an end to the US dollar.  China feels that the US dollar should be kept at low levels, citing that the US Federal Reserve is causing inflation in developing nations, including China, due to printing out more money.

    Jintao then went on to imply that China’s Red Army would be deployed if necessary, to come over and burn American money and cities:  whatever it takes to ensure China’s growing dominance over the global market.

    Shocked by Jintao’s eerie channeling of Chairman Mao, former Illinois Congressman Barack Hussein Obama called for a meeting with China’s dictator.  Scared and baffled at what any true Republican would know to expect from a Chinaman, Obama is meeting with Jintao this coming Wednesday in the nation’s capital.

    In the image of Hu Jintao, that leads into this article, you can see his Asian greed.  Devious hands are clasped as his eyes ecstatically squint with thoughts of toppling capitalism with a form of blatant Chinese capitalism that masquerades as rebellious communism to other third world nations.

    China’s new game is simple.  The Chinese are smart: they know that communism is bound to failure.  Communism stands against the God-ordained concept of the free market.  This very fact lost Russia the Cold War, if not their wanton atheism and recklessly violent threats against good men like President Ronald Reagan and beatified Saint John Paul II.

    China’s new system is built upon the modern American free market:  it is a system of stability and trust, as it uses the human desire of trade and consumerism as its guarantor of success.  China wants to subvert America’s governance over this system, which since its inception since World War II has thrusted Europe into an era of unprecedented peace and the rest of the world, freedom from colonial rule.

    The American system is one of success for all people.  China is a third-world nation who benefited from our dollar.  Now, it is not enough.  China’s innate desire for domination is rising again, the dragon not tamed by mere decency and good-will.

    China seeks to flame America, until the only embers left are distant memories of freedom and liberty for all, a pursuit of happiness that echoes in the distant as the organized cadence of steel Chinese boots upon the feet of China’s death hordes clamors into every nation.

    China wants the Yuan to become the global currency.  Chairman Jintao made this very clear and he will tell this to Obama’s face on Wednesday.  Our colleague Amber Cooper warned many times, that this fate would come to us.  And as we sit on the eve of 2012, a year of great chaos and cataclysm, we will find out what China truly has in store for the world.

    It will start with their desire to remove our dollar and end with armed conflict.  Who will side with America and who will side with the new-Soviets, the Chinese.  The lines have been drawn in the sand:  let us hope for the sake of humanity, the world does not betray its ruling savior:  the US dollar.

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