• Does Barack Hussein Obama Have an Eating Disorder?

    January 4, 2011 6:54 pm 36 comments

    Recent vacation photos of Barack Obama have many people wondering if the US president is suffering from an eating disorder?

    Within the genome of African-Americans, it is not uncommon to find both males and females afflicted with various conditions that can cause metabolic disorders, resulting in myriad weight conditions.

    Many African-Americans suffer from diabetes, which unrealized and untreated can result in diabetic ketoacidosis. Those who suffer from this affliction have excessive thirst, cravings for sugar-enriched products, grogginess and dangerous levels of weight loss.

    We can rule this condition out with Obama, who has top endocrinologists and other specialists who tend to him on a consistent basis. Barack’s more stable Caucasian alleles from his hybrid genome also make his pancreatic beta cells less prone to failure.

    With diabetes ruled out, we must also consider one other disease: alcoholism. Though many still refuse to recognize alcoholism as a disease, we do in the American Medial Association and the conditions afflicts the brain in such a way that it must necessarily be classified as a disease.

    Obama with beer

    Over 50% of African-American men suffer from a form of alcoholism, dwarfing the 7% of Caucasian and Asians combined who suffer from this condition. - UNC Research Press, Christwire.org

    It is uncommon to find an African-American male who does not have an innate desire to consume malt liquors and harder whiskey in copious quantity, perhaps showing expressive evidence of an underlying biochemical pathway that makes these alcoholic spirits virtually irresistible to the black palate.

    While research on such ideation is burgeoning, we can see current evidence of such in qualitative models. In health clinics and social service facilities nationwide, most cases of poor African-American health and domestic disturbances, respectively, involve black men and the drinking of excessive amounts of liquor.

    Obama cannot even resist becoming drunk in the presence of children, while on national television..

    Barack Obama likely has a drinking problem. In addition to African-American predisposition for drinking problems, Obama also comes from a broken home, was associated with multiple collegiate fraternities of low standard, is a Muslim and has a track record for public appearances with alcohol in hand: these are all causal, contributing factors for drinking, and clear signs of a drinking problem.

    One other possibility is that Obama has developed an eating disorder. Obama has problems with self-identity, with trying to mask himself as an American and Christian, we in reality he is Muslim and Afro-Indonesian.

    As if these self-image problems were not bad enough, he is married to a domineering African-American woman and did not have a father to guide him through his teenage years, relying and responding to the order of women.

    This may have left Obama mentally fragile and fits a psychological profile that could explain his eating less in a form of self-image problems.

    In the following images, we see shocking details of Obama’s weight loss.

    Look at the sleeve of Obama, his hand being engulfed by the cuffs as his small body frame can hardly fill his light wind jacket.

    These photos were taken after Obama left a Fort McNair gym, doing hours of cardio and playing basketball in a manic fitness rage to lose even more weight.

    Reports detail how Obama is not eating food and only drinking red Gatorade, as evidenced in image two.

    After seeing a fledgling Obama in a business suit, even retiring Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger attempted constructive criticism by taunting and ridiculing Obama by calling him President “Scrawny Arms”.

    Schwarzenegger’s tough love tactics failed, as Obama has continued to dangerously drop pound after pound.

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