• Elderly Stripper Wins Big in the Face of Liberal Biased Court

    January 19, 2011 2:58 am 13 comments
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    When will secular women learn what Christian women have known all along? KNOW YOUR PLACE!

    In 2006, “Candy” was 56 years old and employed with a Gentlemen’s club as a waitress. The club’s management began gently urging “Candy” to pursue opportunities outside the club with chivalrous comments regarding advancing Alzheimer’s and daily concerns over the pending symptoms of menopause. Due to her advancing age and the additional costs of employing an elderly worker in a fast pasted entertainment industry, “Candy” was relieved of her position.

    Ungrateful of her former employer’s concerns for her health and welfare and the actions to encourage a more retiring lifestyle, “Candy” sued her former employer. The business owners, facing a liberal biased court ruling that rips at the fabric of Christian based capitalism, awarded “Candy” a settlement of $60,000 to drop the suit.

    First, “Candy” should not be working in a Gentlemen’s club at the age of 56. “That horse has been rode hard and put up wet” as my late husband would say. It is a colloquialism that denotes a hard lived life that appropriately should have ended long ago.

    Second, the purpose of Gentlemen’s clubs is to provide visual stimulation after a long day’s labor so they can return home to a fertile wife and impregnate her or return home to a hot meal if she is already pregnant. This is the way it has been from the beginning and will be until His return.

    Third, it is doubtful “Candy” maintained herself in an adequate manner to maximize profits for the club owners. There are many more supple young women that would benefit from that job and be able to make money for the management. This is equivalent to thievery.

    “Candy” was very selfish in her entitlement to a job where she was not welcome. She threatens Christian business owners with her unwitting demands. When we start endorsing everyone having a job or keeping a job, regardless of age or appropriateness, we accept that we are becoming a socialist society.

    Women in particular need to learn their place as Christian servants and obey their betters.

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