• Emma Watson Wears See Through Nipper Dress

    January 7, 2011 9:40 am 15 comments

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    I’ve written the editors here and asked if there can be a new category “Whore of Babylon” because I am getting sick and tired of this Emma Watson.

    I have written expose after expose about how Harry Potter is causing girls to turn into little litters of prostitutes for Satan and parents are just ignoring the warnings.  The wonder why their girls are popping out all these have breeded Medicare babies and then blood orgies with bite marks, then refuse to accept it was because they let them watch Harry Potter movies.

    Emma Watson is a triple threat because she 1) attracts gays who like her exposed gluteals in the movies 2) attracts hormonal horndog teenage boys who are easily enticed by sinful flesh 3) knows some witchcraft and has cast a spell of adoration over girls who want to be just like her.

    What parent wants their teenage daughter to go out wearing a dress like this.

    You can see it all. Saucer dips, exposed knees and gapped legs. We’ve seen all this magic’s hookers tricks and they are becoming played out, which means the next step in the natural progression will be the sex tape antics. Soon it will be Emma Does Dallas and Hogwarts will not only be a place where Harry Potter visits, but an alternate name for the STDs that cover this child’s Sally Jessy area from all the porno wizards shooting their magic wands all over her nasty body.

    It’s all sick parents. I am shocked there are still peole that let their children into this Tolkien death trap. Deliver your children from thi sseries or you will find them covered in a hooker’s hogwats too.

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