• Facebook is Ending on March 15, The Shutdown

    January 9, 2011 2:21 am 61 comments

    There is now an official date for when the plugs will be pulled on Facebook.

    As you know, Facebook is a dangerous website. It has been responsible for:

    Allowing strangers to lure sweet and innocent high school daughters and then killing them

    - All sorts of legal and workplace trouble

    - Homosexuals are using Facebook to bait children and then snag them with their Satanbate and if that doesn’t work, entice them to send indecent picture so they can satanbate their Satan scepters if you get my drift.

    - Is responsible for a fifth of all divorces in the last year

    The woes of this site go on and one, and parents if you need to take a break to go to your child’s room right now to see if he or she is being poked by a stranger on this site (there is an option for strangers to poke your children via the site), please run and feel free to do so now.

    If you go to “Facebook.com” on your child’s computer, they will probably automatically log you in. There is an option to ‘Cancel’ the account, just pust that and even when your child comes home from college, I highly suggest you do that and when they cry, tell them they will shut their mouths or not get tuition money next semester.

    Facebook is a danger. The facts do not lie and you can see a suspciously sounding Jewish name “Zuckerburg” is behind it all. That is not a surprise and I am very happy all of our boycotts and protests of this site is getting it shut off.

    Do not wait until March 15 though. Just go ahead and make sure your house is Facebook free before your children end up exploited and on drugs, or your marriage ends in tragic divorce.

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