• Fellow Media and Politicians, Please Stop Using The Arizona Shooting As Political Propaganda Against Your Adversaries

    January 8, 2011 10:46 pm 17 comments

    Fellow Media and Politicians, Please Stop Using The Arizona Shooting As Political Propaganda Against Your Adversaries, or, Is Sarah Palin To Blame For the Gabrielle Gifford, Arizona Shooting Massacre

    Above image taken from a Sarah Palin website, which had lead journalists and bloggers alike to say Palin’s gun-target map is to blame for today’s shooting tragedy in Arizona.

    As I sit at home like so many other Americans, grieved and taking in the horrors that have taken place in Arizona, I cannot help but be sickened at what I see going on in the media. In the face of tragedy, a bickering couple’s petty arguments emerge.

    “Is it the fault of the Right-wingin’ Tea Baggers? Yes, it is Sarah Palin and her gun brandishing supporters!”, exclaimed one person already interviewed by MSNBC. Even looking through blogging sites such as Twitter, commentators exclaim: “Once again, it appears the far right has incited violence (and will deny any connection). It’s time to end this style of politics.”

    The news media is playing into the cycle of partisan politics. Others, have manipulated headlines and coverage in such a way to suggest today’s shooting is being gamed by Democrats, and perhaps a plot by extreme ‘left’ politicos. Was Gabrielle Gifford really shot in the head, because only two days ago she dared to defy Nancy Pelosi?

    In times of crisis, whatever happened to simply having a heart. In all the massive amounts of coverage we have, with instant communication and every 24-hour news channel (CNN, MSNBC, Fox News) having multi-billion dollar budgets, we hardly have words of comfort spoken in more than 20-second blurbs, before an opportunistic media harpy descends into an attack and angle to blame this tragedy on the opposing political party.

    We are seeing the problem with the modern bi-partisan system, the very system George Washington told us to avoid. These two parties have been battling for so long, that every single issue is a marketing tool. Even the murder of six people, with up to 18 wounded, is being used as a propaganda piece to slam on the rival parties, political agendas and who knows what else. This tiring cycle we see today is the very same reason Congress can never pass a good, clean bill without footnotes, Christmas Tree additions and Bridges to Nowhere.

    And now the old embittered marriage between Democrats and Republicans have a new place to play out. National Media.

    Pundits are lining up and forming their arguments. It is the fault of Sarah Palin and those damned anti-Obama tea-baggers!

    No, no, it is the fault of the left handed liberals who were so angry and crazy, they tried to kill Giffords for standing against illegal Mexicans!

    And in the fray, we still have tragedy. American families grieve at the sudden loss of their loved ones. Nationwide, people again will wonder if a shooter lurks around the corner. A story with such national attention does raise one’s level of subconscious concern and awareness.

    We’ve seen token words of comfort. Americans should pull together and pray, said President Obama. Cantor has used the moment to show a kind heart by announcing Republicans will now wait one extra week to overturn Obamacare. That’s very precious, it really is. It’s so great that Matt Drudge found it necessary to highlight the act in Christly red on drudgereport.com.

    Really, it is sad. America is in a sad state. We cannot even have a tragedy such as this, without joining into a marriage dispute. It is just about time for the Republicans and Democrats to do what happens to every old, nice couple who wants to strangle each other by the throat, but have been together too long they wouldn’t last a second without bickering with one another.

    By some sky blue pants. A Panama hat. And move to Florida, or Cuba. It’s warmer and has some very nice nursing homes, with cigars. Fade away in peace and let the country heal.

    Too bad it is not that easy. We need to start putting this bi-partisan crap under control, because there is one man who was a politician who just happened to have something very brilliant to say about this nation. He would know, because his policy kept this nation glued together during a Civil War. His name, Abraham Lincoln:

    America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

    Abraham Lincoln, smart man and a visionary, much like George Washington, who would more than frown to know he lead soldiers in a march through a winter’s fury for freedom, to find his descendant’s cannot even go a day without taking heed to his warning, or showing respect to one another.

    Republicans. Democrats. The Aristocrats.

    Those who get the joke, great. For everyone else, know that the biggest joke right now is the ugly nature of 24-hour news who are being used as prostitutes in an ongoing bi-partisan marriage dispute.

    =Joe. P Reagan=

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