• Fox Champ Juan Williams Slams NPR For Violating Freedom of Speech

    January 8, 2011 4:58 pm 3 comments

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    The moral of the story here is that you cannot get away with ‘treating people like trash’. Juan Williams, former news analyst on NPR, is letting the socialist “news” station NPR have it.

    Last year, NPR fired Williams after he made a comment on Fox News. The comment was simple and something likely shared by all Americans. Williams became nervous when he saw someone with “Muslim garb” get onto a plane, right after 9/11. How is sharing that feeling grounds for being fired?

    That is not offensive and I for one get alarmed in the back of my mind when I see Muslim outfits around an airport. It was more prominent right after 9/11, but every American thought it. We were scared and still have great reason to worry about terrorists.

    Would Williams have been fired if he told the story when he was a young boy in Mississippi, he became scared and nervous when he saw a group of 20 people in white hoods burning a cross outside a black man’s home? Probably not.

    There is a double-standard and NPR receives federal funding, but is a liberal claptrap of left-wing socialist opinions masquerading a news. They tried to demonize Williams and make him look wild, savage. Now we see they have started up their propaganda mills, being akin to a “Pravda” of sorts as Williams called it:

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