• God Sacrifices 200 Cows in Wisconsin

    January 17, 2011 10:29 am 12 comments

    When God allowed Wisconsin to be a state, he inspired the drafters of its borders to choose a correct name.  WisconsinWithout it would only be the Wiscon territory and perhaps better off, for now the people of the hellhole state have angered God so that he has sacrificed 200 prize cows.

    Only hours before shocked farmers and scientists awoke to find mounds of dead bovine, Wisconsin voted to allow blacks to not be racially profiled.  For some reason, residents in this state are giving blacks a carte blanc to run wild and do their drug shootings and raports of innocent young suburban daughters.

    Now clearly, God cannot be racist.  If he were racist he would simply just not have created all the lesser people or even better, would just snap his finger and make all the dark blights to humanity disappear.  How I would love to be God just for a day to erase all of humanities problems and let us have a white clean dry erase board, but I’m not racist either and I’m not God.

    Racial profiling laws lets us find the numerous bad elements of a race.

    For example:  if you were in the chicken coop and counting your chickens, then suddenly saw a fox in there, you would be an idiot to not say, “Now look, that wild beast looks like it may be trouble.”  Who is to say it is a guilty fox?

    So instead of inspecting and taking it away from where it doesn’t seem to belong, you just let it stay and the next day, you go out and see a fat fox and all your chicken missing.  No different from blacks.

    If you see a black where they don’t belong and you don’t check into it, you’ll come out with either missing chickens or raped daughters.  Maybe stolen money or drugs in your school.  It is not saying all blacks do this, but there is enough by statistic evidence that you cannot be too careful.

    God used a virus to wipe these cows out, likely BVD from how they are described in reports.  God knows that by wiping out cows, he will allow his rural followers in Wisconsin to know that they are standing against his will to keep Wisconsin safe, especially in Portage County.  There are more and more blacks and illegal Mexicans moving there, so you cannot just think they are all good neighbors.  Just look at the crime charts of Los Angeles and Chicago and you’ll know what’s heading your way.

    Blacks love greasy food and striking at cows and chickens is a sure way to get their attention.  Blacks in the area now know that God is on to them, and even if the police are not allowed to preemptively strike them then at least they know God will not hesitate to wipe out their own food.

    God sacrificed cows this time, but next time he may show a stronger hand and I pray he will.  Let us pray for Wisconsin to overturn their ridiculous laws so that God will not have to keep making examples to get their attention.

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