• Help Protest Gasparilla 2011, A Homosexual Pirate Festival

    January 29, 2011 2:36 pm 12 comments
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    My name is Tiffany Philips and I am a mother of 3. My family lives in Florida and today I want to share about a terrifying clustering of gays that takes place every year.

    Today in Tampa Bay marks the “Gasparilla” event and it is a new homosexual party tool, from what I can tell. The full name of everything is the Gasparilla 2011 Pirate Event and I am just frustrated and terrified.

    When you wake up in the morning, all you hear is Cubanesque tongue rolls and then look out the window to see throngs of gay men in random states of undress, torn clothing and unkempt hair, all chugging whiskey while throwing clothes into the streets. They all seem to be going for the Jack Sparrow look and one of performs mouth fellating on another just across the street.

    It would seem these men have bayou fever and their crazy noises, floats and antics draw bit media and public attention, especially for college children in the area.

    It is not uncommon to see drunken girls and boys joining the crowds. The children range in age, from I would say at least 4 or 5 until in maybe 23 or 24. These masquerading monsters ply the children with alcohol and will stop and watch with delight as they pass out, and then are thrown into their ‘party wagons’ and God knows what happens to them at that point.

    Drunk girl

    You would think that if someone saw their kid being drawn by these pied pipers of penile sins, they would just wildly ran out and put a stop to it. What most won’t know is that last year 400 belligerent gays were arrested at this event and this year they fired guns to scare upset parents away. I knew to keep my children from playing outside this weekend but other parents were not so savvy. There were countless kids running to the pirate parade to grab candy, just like biting fish to the bait.

    I am sure I saw one little boy get double patted on his backsides by a burly anal ranger, who mouth smirked as he gently placed suspicious milk dud or caramel chews in the child. It was hard to tell from my binoculars but I think he may have airline brush checked over the boy’s thighs too, to satiate his desire for children as well.

    Gasparilla is a play on the frontier drink, sarsaparilla. It was a favorite drink for daintier men on the Western front and it is said they would lace the root beer with intoxicating agents to lure proper people to nights of drunken choices and shame. The name of this event is a tribute to those days and we can see the new target is children, with all the dazzling fireworks and cartoon costume play, sweetened with confectionary promises from these meatpole marauders.

    I am very scared and upset by all of this. The image of the girl passed out on the street really stuck with me and I believe they are all gathering at the Tampa Convention Center this year to have a rally for gay marriage and adoption.

    Just imagine if Mardi Gras walked into your neighborhood. As you looked outside, you see merry little homosexuals whistling at your children who are playing on their bikes or flying kites. They offer to throw shiny beads and candy at your kids and even spouses for lifting their shirts or letting them ‘nuzzle their mufflers’ a bit. This is what I’ve heard take place in the downtown areas that are hit later at night.

    Last year the police were only able to arrest 400 of these monsters. There is a big gay epidemic in Florida and with all the Cubans, black drug gangs and such, the law enforcement just has too much on their hands to really combat these monsters. Please help write letters of protest and demand that the people of Tampa Bay, Florida be sent federal troops to put a stop to this.

    Gays have no right to parade. When you let them walk an inch, they will sashay a mile and parents I am seeing it with my own eyes, they will toot their little fairy horns and try to convince your children to blow their horn as well when they play pied piper and try to lead them to a clustered gay orgy.

    That’s what all of this is about and I hope this message resonates within the hall of you well meant parents out there. This is a cry out for help. They are stuffing our children in their ‘party cars’ and then taking them to unknown places for all sorts of drunken revelry dotted with herpies, depression, AIDS and syphilis, the hallmark gay afflictions.

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