• I Caught My Daughter Reading The New Zodiac Signs of 2011, Does This Mean She is In The Pagan Wicca Occult?

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    Dear Amber,
    I first want to thank you for your parenting ministry and the psychological advice you have given out for us raising kids in this crazy world.

    My husband and I write to you due to major concern about our daughter. We our devout Christians and adhere to Bible as strictly dictated by our Church of Christ teachings. We have steadily attended church with each of our children and to this point, have had no real problems.

    I went to my daughter’s room to see what she wanted for dinner yesterday and found her sleeping on her bed, with her computer screen open. On it, there was a site with black and blood red on it and an article which said “The New Zodiac Signs of 2011″. I think our daughter, a fun and loving teenager, may be under a Satanic influence now and even maybe dabbling into the Wicca occult?

    I quickly left her room and talked to my husband about it. He is concerned to and said she has had a more dark nature. Is there any concern to be had about this and how can we ask her if she’s being pressured into an occult and all that it entails? Thank you in advance for any help you can give us.

    - Concerned Poughkeepsie Mom

    Dear Concerned Mom in Poughkeepsie,
    As the winter months are upon us, you’ll find that your children spend more and more time indoors. Let me first ask you this: in the past, did you ever let your daughter participate in an outing to a “Twilight” or “Harry Potter” movie?

    You have likely heard of both these movies and they are part of the occult. Most children of modern age who do participate in “Wicca”, a version of Satanism that does involve chants, blood-letting exchanges, blood-orgies and even worse, found of these things either by directly seeing the aforementioned movies, or a word of mouth enterprise through their friends.

    If your daughter was looking for “Signs of the Zodiac”, SHE IS IN DANGER. Immediately remove her computer and demand she tell you the passwords for her 1) Facebook account 2) Twitter Account 3) IMVU Account and any other email/social networking site she uses. Punish her and take away other things until you feel she has confessed all passwords to you.

    Though you are correct in realizing the Zodiac Astrological Signs are used in witchcraft, you must also beware of the Zodiac Killer worship cults that have spread throughout high schools and even middle schools the nation.

    Your daughter may be engaged by one of these summoning cults and may be facing peer pressure to join in one of the rituals, which involve more blood-letting and even fornication. You are alarmed and must immediately deal with this threat. Best of luck and remember you must use very tough love and caution in this situation. Also, enroll your daughter with a Christian counselor.


    Hi Amber!

    Okay, we have a quick but important question for you. My husband and I were raised in very, very modest homes. The type of home where every bread crumb was counted and we were leasing ‘r’ on poor, so we were just poo.

    Not to make light of anything, but we’ve both worked hard and now have a financially successful life, beautiful home and most importantly, are blessed with a beautiful family of three kids. Our oldest son will be graduating from high school this spring and enrolling at a local university. We want to buy him a new car for his graduation gift, but fear it may be a little much and against what we’ve always taught our kids: “Hard work will yield great rewards”. Is graduation high school really a big enough accomplishment to warrant a brand new car?

    - Proud Momma, St. Joe, Mizzou

    Dear Proud Momma,

    Having a child make that big step away from home, and into a course of study, is exciting! Congratulations to both you and your husband on your successful lives and your first Son striving for collegiate endeavors.

    The answer is pretty simple: the only people on Earth who probably know your Son better than himself are the two people who created him. You know if he knows the value and implication of such a nice gift and his ability to appreciate it. From your tone, you are proud of this young man. Reward him and let him know it is from the heart and for his hard work. Watch him continue to soar and make your proud.


    Dear Amber,
    I want to be upfront: I am a homosexual. Please do not dismiss me or my letter and question because of this.

    Recently, a partner (a male) that I have been with for 5 years now is becoming more distant. He is very defensive and I feel deep down that something is not right in our relationship.

    I have read your journal and followed you on FoF for some time now as well, and I just want to say that my lifestyle choice of homosexuality does not preclude me from being in the faith. I am a Christian and I do love Christ.

    My concern here is that recently, my health has not been well. I think my partner may have contracted something from infidelity and may have passed it on to me. I am struggling and my family lives far away and do not know this aspect of my life. I really have no friends and my guy is all I have. I am worried that if I confront him and my allegations are false, I will lose him and all I care about. I will fall to a dark place.

    I am scared to go to the doctor and have the worst of my fears confirmed. I pray and I feel no real answer. What do I do? You are capable of good advice at times and I know it is a long shot, but do you have any suggestions for me at this point. Thank you and if you even made it this far, it is greatly appreciated.

    Dan, MD

    Dear Dan,

    Why have you hidden your lifestyle choice away from your friends and family? If it is truly something that does not preclude you from approaching the throne of God, it should not keep you in a pit of deceit and lies by holding back your homosexual lifestyle from your family.

    Dan, there is a big-reality check you need to swallow, and it does not come in a little bite or spoonful. The New Testament of the Bible makes it very clear that there will be various diseases and afflictions cursed upon those who sicken God with their homosexual lifestyles.

    Dear Dan, your heart is troubled and is in a dark place. How sad and dismal to know that scientific studies already corroborate the facts you understand and are experiencing this very minute. Studies reveal that admitted homosexuals, just as yourself, are at a significantly higher risk for “ HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, anal cancer, gonorrhea and gastrointestinal infections..

    If this were not enough bad and depressing news that weighs so heavily on you right now, there is more. Odds are, that your ‘significant other’ is having an affair on you. Within a year, over 60% of America’s homosexual population will have more than 30 – 60 sexual partners. Even worse, over 78% of homosexuals have cheated on every partner they have had in life.

    Just by simple statistic analysis, Dan, your carnal lust-mate has likely cheated on you and given you a disease, just as you expect. You have heard no answers to your prayers, because your heart is closed. Your body is diseased. You need deliverance from this wretched homosexual lifestyle.

    Would you not love to go see your family and not hide away in shame. Would you like to feel a loving warmth in your life again?

    If your answers are yes, immediately go to your doctor. You will find what affliction befalls you. Accuse your ‘lover’ of cheating on you. If he becomes defensive and argumentative, tell him it is over and move away. Move on with your life and go to a Christian counselor. You must be self-accountable, and go to a counselor who does no lie to you. You need to understand that homosexuality is a sin and you can be delivered from it, through Christ.

    If you or a loved one struggles to break the strong grips of homosexuality, please visit Stephen Bennet ministries. Your deliverance is through Christ and you can be born again, a new butterfly shedding its old cocoon of decadence.


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