• In the Crosshairs of Radical Liberals, Sarah Palin Becomes the Latest Victim of Tucson Tragedy

    January 11, 2011 3:08 am 30 comments

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    This weekend’s sad events in Tucson have led to much soul searching. As our nation continues to mourn the violent acts of a mentally disturbed gunman, some in the cultural landscape seek to politicize and profit. They did not wait long. Details of the shooting are still emerging, yet a select group of unscrupulous activists has already taken the airwaves to place the blame on an unlikely source. The target of their rhetoric? Potential 2012 presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

    Governor Palin has a solid track record upsetting the status quo. As leader of the Tea Party revolution that triumphed in the last election, she has many entrenched Democrat insiders angry and frightened. Her Christian beliefs and advocacy for the Constitution directly challenge the highly questionable “progressive” agenda that her atheistic opponents promote. Voters are clearly on her side. In the 2010 state and national races, they told the government that conservative politicians are best prepared to handle matters of God and Country during our current economic crisis. While it is now known that Jared Lee Loughner, the shooter behind Arizona’s massacre, is an occultist drug abuser and adamant liberal, left wing bloggers and cable news talking heads have conveniently ignored those facts. Instead, they are manipulating this whole affair to discredit the Tea Party and Palin personally.

    Radical liberal activists like David Weigel of Slate and Adrian Chen of Gawker.com are claiming that Palin’s use of surveyor’s symbols on maps of important Congressional races in the 2010 election is somehow part of a larger assassination conspiracy and therefore connected to Loughner’s dangerous psychotic state. They have falsely interpreted these common cartography marks as rifle scopes. They have put forth the highly offensive thesis that one of Palin’s rifles was aimed directly at Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Yet this charge has been thoroughly discredited by Palin’s brilliant and passionate aide, Rebecca Mansour. Influential leftwing muckrakers such as Paul Krugman of the New York Times and Ewen MacAskill of the Guardian are also spreading the theory that Palin’s personal image as a game hunter has legitimized gun violence in America. A careful review of the Governor’s words and actions, however, reveals no tacit endorsement of the ghetto-style tactics employed by the Tucson shooter.

    Attacking Governor Palin in such a personal way is a reckless act that puts her safety, and that of her entire family, at risk. It is this sort of shallow Beltway maneuvering that is both grotesque and senseless, a pathetic display of what politics in this nation has become under Obama and his pompous gerrymandering. If it were not for this president’s reluctance to reveal his true birth certificate, confess his Muslim upbringing and address his Socialist bias, many solid citizens would not be so rightly outraged. Corrupt activities like the TARP bailout, the health care takeover and gays being forced into our military have caused the patriots among us to further question the legitimacy of our current regime. Add to this a new climate of extreme homosexual activism that has polarized a jittery nation and it’s clear who is to blame for bringing hate and violence to the fore.

    sarah palin guns and tea party

    Despite these challenges, Sarah Palin remains a steadfast supporter of the Bill of Rights. She reminds us that the Second Amendment is crucial to our freedom as a people. We can never forget that standing up against tyranny is the key to our livelihood. In this sense, the Constitution’s “right to bear arms” clause asks of us a profound degree of personal responsibility. Palin’s own use of guns beautifully exemplifies a competency and trustworthiness that underscores this devotion to the Constitution. It’s also a natural and invigorating expression of her personality. She is independent-minded, a sportswoman, a lover of the outdoors and a caring mother. Most normal Americans deeply respect the fully blossomed person that Mrs. Palin is in her heart. As can be seen in the images below, many supporters have employed Palin’s sportswoman iconography in their political graphics. In a lighthearted way, Tea Party members use Palin and her hunting rifles to respond to the inherent effeminacy of radical liberalism.

    It is the height of hypocrisy that those who criticize Governor Palin’s sports activities turn a blind eye to Obama’s own elitist habits. The president is regularly photographed playing golf at America’s most exclusive resorts. Many wonder if the leader of this nation should be hobnobbing with investment robber barons at private country clubs during our severe financial fiasco. Doesn’t Sarah Palin deserve a little more respect for enjoying a hobby that is not connected to the bigwig Wall Street CEOs who nearly bankrupted America? Is it not foolish for Obama to insert himself in realms of high society where a boastful social climber such as himself obviously does not fit in? Does Sarah Palin’s love of the outdoors truly have anything to do with the national debate over Obama’s muddled response to the dire economic situation that most hardworking citizens are facing each and every day, no relief in sight as this Commander in Chief and his posse take million dollar vacations and attend gay pride parties? Sadly, the shooting in Tucson has provided liberal activists with the opportunity to distract the American public from the critical issues that the Tea Party and Governor Palin know are essential to our future as a free nation humble before our God.

    sarah palin guns and tea party

    Look at the images of Governor Palin below. Do they offend you? Does a women holding a hunting rifle intimidate you? Do you eat meat? Do you understand that meat comes from animals and that animals are hunted? Is it not better for the responsible among us to be trained to handle a weapon intelligently and carefully? Should we not learn to be familiar with something potentially dangerous? Have you forgotten how the American Revolution was fought? What chance would George Washington’s men have had against the tyranny of monarchy without their guns?

    sarah palin guns and tea party


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