• Is Facebook Shutting Down?

    January 8, 2011 10:58 pm 27 comments

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    Yes! Facebook is shutting down and I want to thank everyone who joined in my boycott and signed the petition to shut it down!

    For those parents out there who do not know, Facebook is a perverted site that if your child has used it, they have a 73% chance of talking to someone they do not know and may be a child abductor.

    What is worse, is that Facebook allows people from all over the world to “find” you using various search terms, such as your age, where you went to school or even your current job.

    If you find your spouse is sneaking away late at night and clicking away at their computer, their ex-boyfriend or girl from years ago has probably added them and is trying to set-up a secret meeting to ‘reunite’ over dinner and a hidden hotel.

    Divorce Rates in America As you can see, the data indicate that the divorce rate in America is exponentially increasing.

    According to various sources, Facebook initially launched in 2004, in the month of February. What a perfect month for debauchery, cold-child snatches and betrayal for all the criminals out there?

    It must have warmed there hearts to find this new tool to prey on their victims. Notice how the graphic data corroborates our factual instinct. In 2004 things were low and then by 2005, look at the sharp jump in divorces. Facebook was responsible and as the site adds new ‘poking’ features and all other sorts of innuendo, those rates climb higher and higher.

    Did you know that children as young as 3 and 4 use the internet, and these social sites allow any of the 6 billion people on Earth to hop onto a computer and search your child down via web camera? Isn’t that scary and dangerous.

    Let us rejoice that this sick site is being shut down. We next will target Myspace because it is not quite did yet and hopefully the black’s myspace at blackplanet.com too.

    Facebook is a lion’s den of cleaned bones and carnage, picked apart by vultures who masquerade as friends and only stand to ruin the life of you and your family. Keep your family away until our boycott edicts take full effect.

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