• Is Stephen Colbert A Closet African-American?

    January 7, 2011 7:26 pm 16 comments
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  • There is a liberal loon who masquerades as a champion for decency and democracy. His name is Stephen Colbert and the man is dangerous. For years I have suspected Colbert was a simple double-agent of the liberal Jewish media.

    After World War 2, there was a concerted movment by the Jewish community to become the standard in media and journalism. Jewish youths were encouraged to pursue careers in journalism and newscasting, and this is honorable because it assures the story of the horrors they faced are not forgotten and that if it were to happen again, it will not be silent for they are major players in the media circuit.

    While that is fine and well, it is demonic for a man to profess being a true Republican and moral, when he is really just a veil wolf in sheep’s skin.

    Colbert is associated with Jon Stewart, a swathing soothsayer. We saw Colbert’s true colors emerge when he verbally abused our gentle and sage President George W. Bush at the White House press dinner, and then gave high fives to the nefarious Jon Stewart in celebration to the horrors faced by our President Bush, all while supporting black gang members watched in the background. The president handlers did not have time to prepare him for the assault and he was so shaken it affected his presidential prowess for at least a fortnight if not three weeks.

    Such lows are far below the cutesy remarks and witless commentary of Jewish news media champions, Leno, Colbert’s bedmate Stewart, Maher and Olbermann at the helm. Colbert represents a new low in media muck and degredation. With the antics of Kanye West and Condoleezza Rice; hatred for the president so dark and grim, it broods in the blackest places of the heart and leaves the skin covered in the singed soots of contempt. Colbert’s actions were of a rebellious black antic, an Uncle Tom trying to get back at Ol Massa’ during a speakeasy violen fest for the town, and the question was asked: could Colbert be a sympathizer for the African-American apologists or even more conspiritorial, a black unto himself?

    These deep questions are terrifying, for a man with no loyalty is a wild, primal animal, and how much more primal can we get than the vengeful anger of the alleged first people on Earth, unleashed and with the power of media. Colbert has his own agenda: not liberal nor American, but a simple money-maker who holds no loyalty to values,morality and conservatism.

    The Smoking Gun: Colbert’s Childhood

    Look at this African-American child. The hair has puffed into an afro, for the low sulfhydryl bond oxidases cause the hair proteins to twist and kink in a tight barreled configuration. That is the hair of a black child and below it, you see a standard Afro-gene face: broad nose, wider lips and a set chin.

    You may think this is Sinbad or Will Smith, but it is none of those jesting jokers. It is Stephen Colbert at his nappy childhood roots. The child is a color-shifter and it started as a family play for money.

    In Colbert’s biography, he slantedly reveals he was the oldest of a litter of 11 children, typical of the black households of 1960s America. Colbert was set apart from his siblings by his uncanny sense of humor; admittedly, the boy is funny sometimes. Colbert’s family was poor blacks and knew their funny boy Colbert could make it big, but the only problem keeping him from superstar status would be his skin.

    Faced with such a dilemna, the family likely did the common thing at the time and gave the boy into indentured servitude. A white Catholic family would masquerade as his own: he would take a different last name, the original lost to the annals of time.

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    Colbert always kept the name given by his black mother: Stephen. If it had been a proper name it would be Steven. You can oft see the biggest truths in the minute details. So how does he look like a Judeo-Christian?

    Before any of you liberals try to say it is impossible and a lie, I ask you to say to yourself all things are possible and then click this link. It is Michael Jackson. How did he start out like Colbert, then look like a bizarre John Lennon in passing?

    It is due to the demonic field of genetics and Hollywood plastic surgeons without moral borders. They combine and can do sacrilege things to the natural order of the body. We have trangenders prouncing around with full packages of groined sins, and we have these media hotmouths pretending to be the bastion of truth and Christian guidance, when in fact they are just another Harlem novelty act misleading the public with harmonics that poison the airwaves.

    Look at that picture and try to say Colbert is not a black. We’ve seen he has the requisite chip on the shoulder and showed his true colors when he attacked President Bush. He has a deeper voice and looked urban when he shaved his hair in Iraq. It was not a Caucasian recession in that hairline.

    Then the coup-de-grac: the childhood photo. Out of the mouth of babes, comes the truth. And you can bet that every other word of out young Colbert is ‘axed, aint and cigarette and ‘Don’t say I caint”. Ebonics is in this boy and when you listen to his newscast, you will hear his true colors shining through.

    Colbert is a closet black and is a false prophet of Republican morality. He is a Democrat who has betrayed even the Jewish media. He is a beast unto himself and of the ilk warned about in Revelation.

    Beware, America. In the darkest shadows, lurk those who come like a theif in the night, to fill your head with liberal lies and confusion, all in a genetic need to make an indecent buck. Be warned and be blessed, my friends. The truth is free.

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