• Is This The End of America?

    January 30, 2011 9:37 pm 13 comments

    Divina de la muerrrte

    In ancient texts, the time was known as har məgiddô, the Mountain of Wrath.

    We were warned of  the age of The Bablylonian Whore, a time when men would walk the streets in a woman’s dress and Earth’s oceans would boil with bloody damnation.  The skies would give way to the worst cold snowfall in Earth’s 6,000 year history, a clear sign of God turning his cold shoulder to the cries for mercy from tortured mankind.

    Good friends, from the tongue of the ancients, the very Semitic language our nation’s Lord and Savior spoke over 2,000 years ago, we were warned of this age!  The sins of mankind, of the very people God ordained for America to police and protect, will pile up as high as a mountain, even higher than The Tower of Babel!

    God’s mind will reflect and think of the age when ancient homosexuals erected the Babel Tower, a giant phallic symbol of their perverted evil and fantasies.  They tried to extend their shrine into the body of heaven itself, but it was stricken down and the people damned!

    Now, we find a new age of betrayal.  A new age of sins.

    Sinful sodomites, heed my word and prophecy!  Over the next year, we shall find that even capitalism and democracy begin to fall in chronological order.  It has already began.  Lo,

    The birthplace of Western Democracy is Egypt, the lands once ruled by Alexander the Great. Look at how these Muslim monsters ravage his statue with terror. It is a common sign to see 3rd world nations attack statues, but the symbolism here is strong.

    A man of culture and civilization is being swarmed by the massive hordes of primitive chaos and destruction. It is the small light of good being overshadowed by great, great evil.

    The headlines predict what the prophets of Revelation already knew:

    AIRPORT PANDEMONIUM: Governments scramble to fly citizens out of Egypt...
    Fighter Jets Over Cairo...
    Mubarak meets with military commanders...
    REPORT: Muslim Brotherhood, ElBaradei to form unity gov't...
    ElBaradei joins protesters in square...
    Says US 'losing credibility by the day'...
    Anger starting to focus on Israel, USA...
    Netanyahu Speaks: Ties with Egypt must be preserved...
    Convicts pour out of prisons...
    UPDATE: 100+ dead; 2,000 injured...
    PAPER: Obama will go down in history as the president who lost Egypt...

    These are the cruel days and evil hours spoken of by Pastor Gould. These are the times of iniquities, warned of in the days of old.

    Last year we saw the Parthenon struck down in riots and lightning, then only weeks later a torrent of floods and whirlwinds nearly breaking apart the Colosseum of Rome.

    But beware, there is only true kingdom of Democracy. One that does not bow before false gods and lesser nations. One country that bows before the thrones of Heaven and Christianity: America.

    We are one nation under God, it is in the pledge uttered by every child of this great nation. In God We Trust: we have printed the words on the lifeblood of the world, the mighty US Dollar. In our Declaration of Independence, we warned every other nation that we were set free by the mighty hands of God.

    But even us we saw with the Jews of Betrayal, any people can fall. They can betray God and taste his wrath! We too have betrayed God and are of little heart and mark my words, friends. Throw your ear unto the heavens and hear my prophecy! I feel it in my guts.

    This week shall be one of damnation and destruction, the likes of which the world has never seen!

    In America, we shall witness unknown suffering as Plutonian coldfronts drench our nation in a shivery sea of stark naked torture. Many shall freeze and their only thawing solace will be awaking to the firepits of hell! Mark my words, the cold winter wrath of God is nigh!

    In the lesser nations of Europe and the Africas, unrest and riots! God will trouble the hearts of the people, hardening them to peace and American leadership! Their civilizations will crumble and they will know no peace, giving in to their innate European and black bloodlusts, respectively!

    Only a simple review of history will show the facts of reality, Europe and Africa are savage without the God of America to curb their anger. We saw it in World War II. We saw it before. A world without a moral America is a world in the dark.

    Friends, the end of times are near. The age of damnation is upon us. Until we burn the gays desire to corrupt humanity with ideas of gay adoption and marriage, these ills will befall us. Until we put the Islams back under our loving hand of rule and governance, shall we find Democracy falling apart. It is time for America to reassert itself, as ordered by Bible and edict of dogma. America has a duty to ensure peace and understanding soaks through the minds of all people, at any cost.

    The result of failing to do this, we see right now. And it will all happen to the sounds of elated Obama, partying it up and laughing with Satan himself as the plans of Muslim Sharia Law and Satanic influence come to fruition.

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