• Keith Olbermann Suddenly Quits MSNBC, Countdown: Is there Scandal Involved?

    January 21, 2011 9:37 pm 19 comments
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  • Biased liberal news pundit Keith Olbermann is definitely without morals and scruples, but left-wing squawk-boxes are all aflutter in disheveled chaos as their top stool-pigeon has suddenly announced he is quitting MSNBC and hit propaganda program ‘Countdown’. Is there a foul scandal involved?

    Keith Olbermann is a patently boorish person who showed his greatest sins by challenging our fair leader, President George W. Bush, after he healed America after 9/11 with strong leadership and bombing terrorists into passive submission to our authority.

    The Armies of Islam, if only for several months, hid in caves and bowed only faced East to cower before America’s God-ordained military. Uday, Hussay and Saddam Hussein all learned the hard way that hell is a hot place and America possessed the authority and ability to send anyone there in an explosion of wrath and fury.

    And even as such, Olbermann had no kind words for President Bush. Only criticism and deceit; secrets and lies. While Bush tried to heal a nation and sometimes had to make tough decisions in doing so, we found Olbermann continued to derail Bush’s true intent with the sort of snide, petty remarks that encourage teenage rebellion and feed the dangerous habits of conspiracy nuts.

    Keith Olbermann is a shame to journalism, so today’s news of his departure is good for the industry. How can we find ethics in a man who dates a woman 30 years his junior? That is most foul of geriatric sins there can be.

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