• Little Kids Forced To Model in Vogue Paris

    January 6, 2011 6:31 pm 2 comments

    Why is it that we are allowing adults to play dress-up with little children at fashion shows, then acting confused when child predators see these images and act out on it?

    Our modern society has backwards values and many of these corroded values involve the exploitation and marketing of children. At what point in history did it become morally and socially acceptable to dress girls up to look like a Vegas street hooker?

    The expression set into the face on the girl on your right took coaching and training. It is the same look of battered horror masked in glamorous make-up and jewelled embellishments that is seen in the secretly abused and exploited. A child should not be made to sit in such poses. This is child abuse and we have a modern culture that allows ‘fashion shoots’ such as this, dangerous television shows such as Glee and Hannah Montana where children make double-entendre jokes of sexuality. We allow these things and then wonder why so many kids are feeling they have to “look sexy”.

    Really, it is very frustrating. The girl has her ankles shackled by golden chains, a testament to the sinful antics of Babylonian street walkers at its finest. Girls should not be reminiscent of the whore of Babylon in Biblical text, let sprawled on a bed with hair teased and glittering, golden gown gently resting over her body. A parent should be horrified to have their daughter used in such a way and any parent who sees this should feel great anger for what is happening to this child.

    It is normal and natural for a daughter to want to be just like her mother. One may find a girl playing make-up in the bathroom and trying on her mother’s diamonds and sapphires, along with frock that may be just too big. It is cute and a common sight for any parent with daughters in the home.

    What should be uncommon is what we see above: what use is there in having these young girls painted up like gypsies looking for a $3 pay-night for a head-bob? These girls are being adorned with very lavish face paint and there is no need or purpose for this to be done to a child. The end of this at best is organized marketing that sexually exploits children to monger a product, be it new kiddy clothing or perhaps a new line of mascara. We are letting executive clowns paint children like women of the street and call it ‘high-end’ marketing. The only marketing going on here is a red flag to Johnny Molester and Satan himself, as these girls grow up thinking that they are to be objects of sexual desire and affection.

    We wonder why girls grow up with self-esteem issues? It is because they see these girls being made up and exploited. It is because our culture is being allowed to push an ‘image’ of children as objects of embellished desire and lust, when these are the very last things that should be associated with childhood innocence. This is a problem and it is happening time and time again. Did we not learn enough after the horrors suffered by Jon-Benet Ramsey?

    A child lays upon a tiger rug, sprawled and with adorned legs kicked skyward — beset by high-heels, leading down to a fitted red dress, teased hair and a face that’s the product of 1 hour adult supervised make-up production. She wears large, shiny jewelry to accentuate a desire that should not be there. It is very frustrating to see the same marketing used on Victoria Secret models and worse being used on these children.

    The photographers have also employed the technique of Greek Shadowing, that is, using tones and contrast to give the subject an ethereal, copper tone that highlights the body’s natural ridges and musculature. It is used in photographs where the subject is supposed to look toned and very sexually attractive to the eye. Who is the subject of this film still, parents?

    Sexual slavery is a very big issue that does not get enough attention. Each year, between 500,000 to 800,000 young women are forced into markets of sexual slavery.

    Many times, young girls are invited in for photo shoots, with promises to become famous such as the young models we see in the images above. Many times they are of impoverished families who are looking for means of creating a better life for their children and their current economic situations.

    These children never really see the studio, but instead, the back of a car’s trunk. The problem is widespread: sex slavery traffic commonly spans from Eastern Europe and Asia and flows into Italy, France, Germany, Britain, Canada, and the United States. There are no boundaries, the horrible stories are without limit and many of the primary victims are young women and girls, lavished with promises of becoming models such as what we see here.

    These girls who are fortunate enough to find legit photographers and promoters, they are still set into a life of exploitation. What we’re seeing in these images is not appropriate. It is not instilling values of true worth to these children. They are being dressed up in glam and pomp, with all sorts of dark crimes, thoughts and exploitation taking place around them. They are victims.

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