• Mexican Chupacabra Shot Dead In Kentucky

    January 7, 2011 2:51 pm 6 comments

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    As is the origins of most dirty things, we find the chupacabra beast is from Mexico.

    For years now tales of this monster have plagued humanity in America, as we decided if it was just an old Mexican’s old wives tale or actually a demon-beast hybrid that needed killing.

    In the Bible we learn animals can become one with demons when all the swine were possessed of Satan and ran off a ridge. Even today we see video after video of black hearted monsters rapping Satan’s words about drugs, abusing women and then gun orgies.

    So it is not too far-fetched to believe that along with the rest of the illegals before Christ, that there existed a chupacabra beast. It is just like the Montauk monster and the whale demon. Thank God it found it”s way to Kentucky where a good servant of faith got a chance to shoot it down in its ritual blood till it don’t move no more.

    I would have kept shooting my shotgun at it until there was nothing left and screaming ‘Glory to God’ for letting me be his hand of deliverance. I’m pretty jealous I did not get to be the chosen one to kill shoot this Mexican but at least it is gone now.

    Here is the Mexican carcass.

    CNN has already brought video media to this story and we will try to get more exclusive coverage from our colleagues in Kentucky as well.

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