• Mob of 100 Black Youths Rob Department Store

    January 3, 2011 3:28 pm 6 comments

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    Adam Nelson

    It seems a mob of inner-city black youths didn’t get want they wanted from Christmas, so are taking matters into their own hands.

    The most recent crime headline from the inner-city area tells of the post-holiday horrors hardworking sales people at Mayfair Mall had to endure, after a gang mob of 100 black youths set out to mug, rob and loot everything in sight.

    In a panic, store employees fled to terror rooms and hit their panic buttons, to activate lock-down procedures and force steel-linked store doors to close down. Unfortunately, many of the rioting youths were already in the stores before procedures could be initiated.

    In this heart-stopping image from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, we see a fearful scene that will chill even the most bold of hearts.

    There are at least a dozen angry black youths, poised to potentially use their primal adolescent rage to knock through the door and have their way with everything within the store. Where are their mothers? Where are their fathers?

    Store shopper Elsa Mercado was trying on clothing at Ann Taylor Loft, when suddenly she heard loud noises. Heart-racing and sweat pouring from her brow and exposed fitting-room body, she heard loud and terrifying noises.

    Elsa quickly ran from the fitting room to see what was wrong. The gates were down. Everything was thrown into a quick panic and chaos. Trapped, Elsa looked through security gates the store was forced to bring down. She remembered her sister was in another store.

    “Someone was pounding on our door and saying, ‘Please let me in! There’s gunfire!’ We unlocked the door and let him in. He was very frightened, he was very pale,” recanted a shaken Mercado, who called 911 from her cell phone.

    The 911 dispatcher asked Mercado’s location, for police had received similar calls from throughout the mall.

    “They wanted to know where I was; it seemed like they had gotten a lot of calls throughout the mall,” recollected Mercado.

    “It was happening all throughout the mall. I was not isolated to one store or location.” Mercado, like other witnesses, estimated the rioting youths totaled more than 100 people.

    How terrifying for parents in this locale and across the rest of America. You send your children to the mall to get a great deal on post-holiday items, and you find they are attacked by a gang of 100 black children with guns. This is devastating news for any parent and the mall is still investigating crime scene footage, to determine the identity of some of the rioters.

    In the prior image, an eye-witness submitted this image to their local news station, where we see store keepers looking on in a row of desperate yearning and despair, and the gates close down to lock out more gun-wielding rioters. The gates could not close fast enough for these clerks and it remains unconfirmed how many people were shot, killed or robbed.

    The outcome of the panic left stores closed early and mannequins offset.

    These gripping images have torn a hole in the feeling of safety for residents of Wauwatosa, who must now wonder how many prowling criminals lurk their streets, their businesses and their schools.

    I’ve asked before and I’ll ask again: what is going wrong with black mothers and raising their children?

    It is a combination of attitude without merit in the feminist inclined and post-Civil Rights era in America. We have women in the most impoverished of demographics feeling entitled, feeling that there is a title and bell for living off social welfare and teaching children that their is a nobility and something that is owed to them from leeching the system.

    How can a young who are taught that it is okay to live off social welfare, that it is okay to not earn for oneself, be taught that rioting and stealing is wrong?

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