• Monitor Lizard Obama State of the Union 2011 Video Review

    January 26, 2011 12:56 pm 11 comments

    As I looked upon my TV monitor last night, I was in utter shock like a scared Japanese. I saw a great beast of The Revelation, a great monitor lizard spitting its tongue and spewing hateful streams of hot air, just like the monstrous Godzilla. If I had been Japanese I would have thrown every bit of kamikaze wrath at my tv, if not a flying child if I had one available.

    The Obama State of the Union 2011 was nothing but a bit, flashy horror movie. As chaos and explosions are happening all over the world, the great beast just stood there…cold eyed in its stares and picking out who may be its next victim. How did America get to this state, my good Christian friends? How did we let a man who is sooted in the darkest sin ever become president? He lies under oath more than Clinton lies under interns.

    Not everyone caught the speech last night, so let us summarize Obama’s main talking points. You will see this monster is disillusioned and we must get him out of the White House.

    1. Gay Can Be In The Military

    The most dangerous issue in America right now is gay marriage and gay adoption. How can we assure we have a secure future if the people of the future, our children, believe gay actions are normal?

    Is there really anything normal about a man sticking his sin dagger into the back of another, rallying all sorts of nasty pathogens like herpies and AIDS to the puncture wound?

    It is sick and I am talking about gay bowel disease. It is already bad e enough that our soldiers have so much to worry about and Obama last night, said that he is cutting the budget for our military. Obama vowed that “All people in the army can now be gay. I will be cutting your budget and you will bond together in tight brotherhood to overcome our enemies.” It is all euphemism that the tents in Iraq will now look like a cheap nickel smut theater, because the gays are going to molest our brave sons and daughters at night.

    Liberals will try to say I am outlandish and paranoid, but you just remember the horrors of Vietnam and Charlie prisons. Look out our Vietnam veterans and you will see the quiet anger. Nasty things took place in those Asian prisons and there are no words to describe it.

    Worst of all, friends, is that at least our brave boys in Iraq and Afghanistan have a fighting chance when Obama sends over his Rainbow Coalition. What chance though, do children who are forced into gay adoptions have?

    Children are no safer than an innocent pound puppy being looked at by Michael Vick. We do not know what lies in wait for these children when a gay ‘couple’ drags them back into their lairs. Will the children get to learn a sick new meaning of the word ‘pound’. Likely, since gays want all children to know the gay sex ritual in complete detail.

    2. Increasing Size of Federal Government

    What is really funny is that you can always see Obama’s scheming Nigerian roots emerge. If you have an email installed on your home computer, you likely get “spam” messages from black Nigerians.

    They always try to trick you and say “If you sent us 20 dollars smiling friend, we will put $40.000 African money in your bank account”. They try to trick us into believing that Africa money is worth anything valuable, so the joke is on them and I always send them nasty emails back.

    Obama is no better than a spam email. He tries to tell us the government needs more of our money to increase its girth. It is just like a Vigara email written by an African voodo witch doctor.

    I have an idea: in 2012, let’s click “Delete” and put Obama in the spam box by checking a good, Christian candidate as president in the ballot box.

    3. Job Creation for Blacks

    Obama alluded to a YouTube video, where we saw the tribal violence of black people at a Wendy’s. A girl in the video, let us call her Standayja, get angered when the white working clerk didn’t get her order right and gave her a burger sandwich instead of chicken.

    Just like the video of when a Popeyes ran out of chicken, we saw the black tribal anger gene was activated.

    What was scary is that for no reason, other blacks pitched in their anger. There was a massive riot and great attacks. All of this happened at 4pm, when all of the rioters could have been contributing to society and working.

    Obama in his speech at least addressed this fact and said all across the nation, more people need to be working. How can this nation work when all of our jobs are being outsourced? When Obama refused to build a wall to block dirty river raiders to swim up to our country with their Spanish words and desperation.

    4. Mexicans
    Finger to the Pride

    The name of this country is America.

    Then, all of the sudden, this weird dry humping started

    The Home of The Moral, The Free and the Brave

    Tequila playground (2)

    So Why do we allow smiling Mexicans,to get beat and work cheap like a slave?

    I hope you liked my little poem. The Mexicans are people. It is easy to forget that when you see them having their little Mariachi burrito orgies and a result of litters of their little yabbling children running all around.

    The horrors that face these sneakers when they come are heartwrenching. There are criminals who throw baited promised of many pesos and a warm home into the dirty waters of Mexico, then pull over naive Mexican women. They get here and flop around like a fish, as they are shoved against their will into the burning ovens of exploitation and human trafficking.

    Then the men, it is no better. They are forced to work in chicken coops and will never see the light of day again until they catch a bird virus so deadly, they just keel over, wallow in bird excrement and eventually die.

    The lucky ones are the ones you see working illegally by night in big company buildings, or selling crates of produce along the side of the road. Others of them manage to get decent jobs at markets and restaurants.

    Mexicans can not be allowed to suffer like this. We need to build a giant, electric wall, for their own good. Just like cattle next to the highway, they think they can run to freedom but will find only a freeway of merciless steel propulsion and traffic, the likes of which their minds can never truly comprehend.

    We need to cage them up with our superwall, but Obama says no. He would rather them to suffer and die. How could we expect a Muslim who aborts children on the alters of Mecca really sympathize we our stoic friends to the south?

    Obama, he’s a firelizard. The great beast of revelations. The state of America is dismal and our fate, grim. For the sake of not only our country, but every other nation, we must elect a new president in 2012. Do not let the lies of Satan fall into your ear and try to make you think things are going well.

    Our economy is in shambles. The world is falling apart; just today, Obama’s Egyptian pyramid builders are at war again. There is unrest because America is not standing firm and dominant; the people of the world are in terror and lashing out.

    America must return to its throne, to assure the world that order is again. We are having another Sputnik moment, a moment like when Russia thought they would be the great star empire. China thinks this is their moment, they are the star. They think their empire of nefarious dealings and 2 billion eyes of squinted intimidation can shake mighty America.

    The Russians and Indians conspire to race to space, to set up a station on the American moon, where our flag proudly snaps and waves in its lone claims of America’s new Manifest Destiny.

    It is time for America to once again reach for the stars. Not just for ourselves, but for the Johnny Sombreros and Suffering Sunnis of the world. We must stand strong and proud, and lead these people to a new, bright age of peace and prosperity.

    The world is capable of good things, but they just lack the light to show them the way. DC can never be called a light place, if Obama’s face is what represents it.

    Let us put a man of bright complexion and even brighter morals in DC. Let us make DC the shining city on the Hill once more.

    Let us be the beacon of hope for the world and together, marvel as American enterprise, leadership, might and right goes to bigger and better heights than ever before, a new height that can not even be bound by space itself.

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