• New Astrological Signs of 2011, The Ophiuchus Zodiac Horoscope Signs Have Changed

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    The end of days are upon us.  The Mayans predict that the world will end in 2012 and we know not the day or hour of Christ’s return, as the Bible says.  But even the ancients knew these would be of cruel days, evil hours.  Perhaps Satan whispered it in their ritual ears or they just new from their own corruption, that by now Satan would fully reveal himself to the world.  Whatever the case, the time of great unprecedented evil is nigh.

    And then there was a shift of Satan’s astronomy.

    For centuries the blood cults of Satan have all looked to the dark skies for guidance.   The Vampyric hordes of the Middle Ages, the ancient Moors of Islamic ottoman terror, the witches of Salem, the Bolshevik Stalinists, the NAZIs and even today, the Democrat atheists.  They are all of Satan  and they manipulate the starlight that God hanged in the sky at the beginning of time, all for demonic divining and soothsaying.

    The Bible warns against these dangers, that every century will be riddled with false prophets who use Satan’s understanding of the light, for Satan himself used to be like a star.  Lucifer means the “Bringer of Light, The Morning Star” and he allows scientists to understand how light moves at 186000 miles a second, an understanding that is perverted to create what’s known as the “Zodiac signs” or the “Astronomy Horoscope”.

    Every culture has it, though the most prominent is that of American-English and the Chinese dogs.

    These soothsayers make pretend symbols in the sky, then every day write in Satan’s blood lies about how people should live their life, based on their sky sign. This is all from Satan and is published in news papers, the internet and all other places every day. It is accountable for violence and there is a killer who called himself the Zodiac Killer, showing you just how evil and dangerous horoscopes can be. It caused a man to be possessed by demons.

    Look at how they now label people. If you follow the horoscope, this is the evil you face and the demon that can posses you.

    Capricorn: Jan. 20 – Feb. 16

    Capricorn literally means the ‘Demon’s Seductress’ and is the same whore of Babylon that is mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

    Those who read a horoscope and follow it will be lead into a life of diseased prostitution and sexual fanaticism, who will lead to great cataclysm within their exploited bosom.

    Capricorn’s are also known as children of the moon, and even a rudimentary review of discussion of their lifestyles reveals there is a direct correlation between Capricorn followers and prostitution.

    If your daughter child is an at risk Capricorn and may be seduced into reading a Zodiac prophecy, forbid it and shake her down if she says yes. She will become a prostitute if you allow her to read the scary lies.

    Aquarius: Feb. 16 – March 11

    Aquarius is the demonic sign of homosexuality. This now will try to entice all people born in the cold month’s of February and into the release of spring to spring into the most fecal or clammy of sins, depending on gender.

    As you can see in the original sky symbol, Aquarius is a gay man with of substantive buttock that has a preoccupation with water. This goes into the gay subconscious mentality, because deep down all gays feel dirty due to their sick, filthy and stinky backside sins and subconsciously, they feel the need to take many baths and to be in water. This is why so many gays are neat and tidy: their ‘Aquarius’ demon is making them feel unclean so they compensate for it.

    The new zodiac also makes room for lesbians. They have made an alternate to the male Aquarius man an this is an example of the female.

    Lesbianism crafted right into the starry skies of Twilight: who else but Satan could craft something so duplicitous and nasty. We have seen the Age of Aquarius is nigh again and with it, homosexual diseases such as yeast infections, bacterial meningitis and HIV herpes and AIDS. Is is not a coincidence that right after the 70s number one hit song Age of Aquarius hit every major US city, we had the first major AIDS outbreak.

    Watch the video of Aquarian orgies, where even the horses are possessed by this great pornographic demon.

    Pisces: March 11- April 18

    Pisces means “sky fish” and it is no coincidence thatthis is the demon sign for fishcave lesbians. Now even though with reborn astronomical horoscope, we see the lesbians get a double play. They are teamed again in the Age of Aquarius, but are still released into their normal fish signs where they dine on the caviars of eggless lesbian iniquities.

    Lesbians hate all parts of their bodies and especially the eggs that should carry a human child every nine months of marriage, so it is ironically fitting that Satan chose a creature which produces so many eggs as his official Zodiac sign for lesbianism.

    Just peak at the horoscopes. The advice will always try to trick women into doing lesbian acts on their best friends,and encourage guys who are “Pisces” to just applaud and encourage lesbianism too. You can see it is the context if you read carefully and know this is a ploy by Satan to recruit more adversaries against natural order, and thus, God himself.

    Aries: April 18 – May 13

    As you can see, Aries is black anger incarnate. Aries is the Satanic symbol of evil and dark. If you look at prison population demographics,you will find they are mostly 1) Born in March 2) Black 3) Angry and/or Violent 4) Probably a rapist or attack of some sort.

    Satan knows that the Aries mindset is volatile and people who read the horoscope will always be lead to more anger. It never fails: the Aries zodiac will always say something like “Your friend is stabbing your back, beware.” Or your “Wife is a cheating Sally today, how do you feel?”

    The point is to make those gullible enough to come back for more have more suspicious anger which they will unleash. In ancient times, they called this “Mars” or “Ares”, the God of War. It is no surprise to see Ba’al, Satan’s ancient name, is manifested here with the bull horn symbol and evil black skin.

    Satan plans to use Aries in his demonic army to batter down morality, but little does he know even his mightiest steeds are nothing but a baby lamb before the might of God and his angels.

    Taurus: May 13 – June 21

    Taurus is feminism and strong-willed women. It is a demon of Satan who uses the light symbols that arrange itself to show the Ares Bull forcing a woman into bestial relations. It is Satan impregnating women with his thoughts and those who read the Taurus horoscope help his agenda to tear apart the nuclear family and bring more women to stand against their duty of giving birth to their husband’s children and raising a family. It is natural order.

    Taurus uses a lot of mythology just like poisonous romance novels, lets a woman’s mind stray into perversion. Men who are Taurus by calender are always lead to be passive. Taurus men are usually passive aggressive at best and the women are domineering, usually a lesbian or even worse a feminist.

    You can see in the symbol, the bond between Ba’al again and the ‘every woman’ who rides him. Do not become possessed of this demon for as you can tell just by society, there are plenty of weak men and overbearing women who were born in these months, and it is due to them reading horoscopes and being possessed by the demon responsible for this month frame.

    June 21 – July 20

    Gemini is a paired perversion. It is ruled by twin demons named Gem, who may be a direct child of Satan (from La. Gem, to luster when shone upon by light) and Ini, (Swahili, the word for dark). It is a play on the age old concept of Yin and Yang, light and dark.

    That should tell you enough about the evils of the Gemini cohort. It is a world of confusion, bipolar rages that crescendo in the highest waves and crashes of sexual frustration and violent rampages, and hten calms into an ominous sea of undulating passivity and depression. Such is the Gemini.

    The horoscopes of Gemini show essences of disorder and chaos: a true wild card that not even Jekyll and Hyde with risk in a game of Poker. Geminis are dangerous and are Satan’s favorite, because you never know what you will get and they are very tough to read, when they are possessed by believing in the Zodiac skysign of still twilight.

    Cancer: July 20 – Aug. 10
    If you look into the night sky and see a giant crab, you have been drugged by Satan’s demon known as Cancer.

    Cancer is the demon of sickness and sexual perversion. His symbol is ’6 followed by 9′, or the 69. It has been passed on to me that this stands for a perverted mouth sexual act and people who participate in it brand themselves with cancer tattoos.

    The namesake is fitting because as you know, sexual perversions lead to diseases such as cancer (HPV) and AIDS. Cancer brings a depressing sin upon those who fall under its month of reign and are persuaded by the Zodiac.

    Those who suffer from this demon will feel heaviness in the chest and an insatiable taste for the musty flavors of bedroom perversions in their mouths. It is really a sad sign of the sky and beware this demon and those who may be affected by it.

    Leo: Aug. 10 – Sept. 16

    Leo’s are sassy mouths. Every time they open their mouths, they roar with sarcasm and backtalk. The demon of this month as a tongue of fire and a breath of suffocating smoke, because if you speak to people who are of this demon’s work, you’ll find them annoying and draining to talk to.

    Leo does double duty and outside of his month’s of Zodiac possession, goes to other aspects of humanity. Teenagers and even wives are often times possessed of Leo and roar out in rebellion. Just like a lion tamer will tell you, this is all quickly fixed by a swift whip to the face.

    Nothing abusive, but just a quick, little Godly tap to remind who has authority.

    Leo probably also largely affects certain people (e.g., African-Americans) much like Aries. You can find many sassy women of certain ethnic screeds just like you can find angry ones. From Satan’s zodiac, you can tell which demons whisper these thoughts into the mind of gullible people.

    Sept. 16 – Oct. 30

    Now Virgo is a very interesting sky demon. She is probably the most moral of Satan’s creatures of sky signs but even in her horrorscopes, you can see the latent dangers and her enticements.

    Virgo is meant to make people lust for power and greed, then contemplate their victors over a burnt fire. This sounds much like ancient ritual so you can tell this is one of the oldest ones as well, for it has probably been around for all 6,000 years of life on Earth.

    Reviewing Virgo astronomy texts, there is always a latent hint of bedroom desires so be careful if your children are Virgos because they may act out on it if they read it themselves, or a Myspace stranger ask them ‘What’s your sign?’ and they say it and then Satanic talks, abductions and sodomy.

    Libra: Oct. 30 – Nov. 23

    Libra. Liberals. You can already guess the devil’s dance that is going on here, an odd tango between indecency and decadence. A filthy combination that only Satan himself could provide a musical score for them to dance the night away.

    Why all the talk of dancing and swaggering? Because as you can tell from the images, Libra is the sky demon of perversion and womanizing. It is no secret in the horoscopes, if you look in today’s paper you will see that Libra is all about seduction, temptation, and sultry bedroom eyed antics.

    How sick is this? How disgusting that men and women are being tempted to have sexual relations with so many people. Kobe Bryant. Tiger Woods. Billy Bob Clinton. “Magic” Johnson. All of the Libra possession and look at how they betrayed us. They cheated on us with affairs and lies and now pay for public shame.

    You will notice male Libra looks like Aquarius, and it is because they are brothers. They are demonic brothers who tempt with orgies and seduction. Beware this people if they are reading Satanic hororscope texts because they are easily possessed and have a need to fornicate with everything in their site.

    Nov. 23 – Nov. 29

    Even though we’ve seen some sick things in this Zodiac, even the nasty
    coital odors the emanate from every Aquarian and Libran groin cannot compare to the steamy sins of Scorpio.

    Scorpios are the worst of the worst. Just pure, raw sex. Devil DNA. Satan scepters. Danging Sally Jess’s of women having a bared scorpion inserted inside. It may sound dangerous and poisonous, but look at their call sign up above.

    When they look to the sky, they look to find a star arrangement that resembles a woman sticking a scorpion right into her Sally Macelfane. It is nasty, people! Look at it!

    I cannot believe they allow people to even talk about such things. Why on Earth are we allowing random people to spread lies, and say it is normal for people to do such things in their daily horoscopes.

    No wonder these people have no limits in the bedroom. Their false god is sticking a scorpion right into the shocker, only to find the poisons of Satan are released in the deepest depths of their sand dunes. What sort of evil steed can be borne of such actions other than sin incarnate itself. The seed of Satan giving rise to a new generation of perverted iniquity: is it here and the sinchild of Scorpio.

    Nov. 29 – Dec. 17

    Behold. Satan is here. It is the child of Scorpio and the sins of mankind. It is a symbol of humanity’s eventual doom and Armageddon, all in the year before 2012, which will cast the Earth into the deepest darkness. Will it be because Obama refuses to leave the White House when we vote him out?

    Or will it be something even worse, the Muslim expand again. Science allows gays to be born pregnant with children. The Chinese become a superpower. Who knows, but Ophiuchus is now here and is the antiChrist.

    People who adhere to the Satanic churches of Pagan Wicca, where Miss Cleo is even a great saint and the witches of Salem are revered martyrs, read horoscopes and have been found to be born in this time frame.

    This new demon has inserted into the traditional Julian calendar, forcing even Satan himself to finally add the demonic unlucky number 13 to his count of 12.

    Ophiuchus already looks like an old man. Look upon the images of this demon after you first pray and angrily demand that the woman and children immediately leave the room.

    Ophiuchus means ‘the body of man possessed of god walks the Earth” and is ancient Meso American, or Mayan, in origin. Dr. Shepherd Simpson tells of how it is the same figure seen in Mayan deity Quetzaltcoatl.

    Serpent Medicine
    In esoteric traditions, long before fear and religious fervor distorted ancient teachings, Serpent represented the cosmic, creative force of the universe, Divine Source. Its awakening, uncoiling form is associated with rising life-force kundalini within us.
    The Feathered Serpent of the Meso-Americans, named Quetzalcoatl, represents our enlightened state as God-realized beings embodied on Earth. The Fire Serpent with its coiled tail is a master symbol in the Eastern healing tradition of Reiki. The spiral-coil denotes the underworld in shamanic traditions. Two intertwined snakes form the symbol for modern medicine in the West.
    In shedding its skin, the Serpent represents the potential of life beyond death, the shamanic promise of rebirth. Coiled, it is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.
    Who, then, is Ophiuchus, the holder of the Serpent in the heavens? He is healer, shaman, magician, alchemist, sage and mystic. He represents the potential of humanity to attain enlightenment as we release fear, outdated beliefs and the emotional scarring of countless lifetimes.
    Ophiuchus offers a glimpse of our own divinity to anyone who has the courage and desire to journey through this shamanic, multidimensional portal, the planetary gateway of year-end 2010.

    The year before 2012 and Quetzalcoatl, or Ophiuchus, or King Solovid of Messianic texts, we see another false Christ figure. It is all one in the same though: the making of the antiChrist.

    How fitting that this new zodiac demon possesses the skills of doctors and healers. The very year when Obamacare passes, and the liberals now hold us hostage with the threat of holding back health access if we disagree with them, this demon appears. Beware and when you see the horoscopes, you will know his evil presence and watch the birth months of people, as they slowly fall to his will and possession!

    Dec. 17 – Jan. 20

    After the horrors of the new demon, we can see at the very end Satan still squeezes in his oops demon, the Sagitarrius. It is “the archer” and is meant as a distance killer.

    Those who are prone to this demon’s possession, by virtue of their late year winter births are weaker and more sickly. They are the quiet person who stands alone in the cold, but can be of great danger or just silent observers.

    Satan tries to keep Sagitarrius prone people isolated, so he can whisper his cold breath in their ears and he will do their bidding. Silent. Deadly. Let us not forget there was a Zodiac killer.

    Through these signs, we have seen Satan retains part of his power and fascination with the light. Lucifer means ‘bright, morning star’ and there is no secret that twilight does have the most eerie, ethereal glow.

    His demons will use Zodiac texts to inhabit the mind and lifestyle of people, taking them down a course of action by influence. Do not believe in Zodiac symbols of your month and birthday, or Satan will take hold of you with the properties of the demons he lets reign over those months, and can be seen shining their eerie glow in the darkest of night skies.

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