• Obama’s Black/White Nature Seen in His Passive/Agressive Dealings with China

    January 20, 2011 3:08 pm 9 comments

    China is a Red Dragon that is ready to Fly High and burn the United States. In the Bible, the dragon is the beast of Revelation. The great evil that is Satan, so evil that not even the minds of one hundred Japanese animators could create something so vile with their meticulous little hands.

    China came to America last week, as their Chairmon Hu Jintao surveyed what he fancies will be New China in 100 years. He thinks this country is his because China own our economy and we gave them our nuclear technology, by the betrayals of Bill Clinton.

    He thinks America is without a God, because we have let a Muslim in the White House. Hintao believes America’s army is weak, because we now allow gays to sassafrass their pussyfeathers and sashay with festive delight on the field of battle. They think our armies our queer and our economy is weak, since they own it.

    There are even Chinese products filling up our Wal-marts.

    In the face of all of this, you would think Obama would be angry. If Obama were a real president, he would have flown to China with the tenacity of a great ape, even agnrier than a greatly annoyed King Kong when they peppered his face with gun-mounted biplane bullets.

    If President Bush were still in the White House, he would have taken lead pilot as we sent an Armada of nuclear Stealth Bombers to knock China back into the stone age where they belong.

    But Obama is weak. He has the resolve of a candied Muslim and is not of strong composure. He is not weathered and rugged like President Bush, his taut presidential skills firmed up on his Texas ranch. Obama doesn’t magestically fill a patrioticly blue suit like the broad shoulder and sure voiced President Ronald Reagan. There is certainly no war hero in Obama, that can match the heroic Senator John McCain.

    Obama is a Hawaain Nancy. The University of Hawaii is known as the “Rainbow Warriors” because Hawaii is a mostly homosexual state. Obama was caught in homosexual acts and knows no value of hard work because he is a Harvard elite.

    So we see, when China vowed to ‘BECOME THE WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL NATION’, Obama said this was fine and America welcomes China to become the most powerful nation. Obama bowed to China.

    We cannot trust a Muslim in the White House. Look at the state of affairs in the terror nations: Iraq, Iran, North Korea. They are all with false gods and they all are hell holes of depression and dictators. Obama will bring America to the same dismal fate at this rate.

    In 2012, America, we must put a real president in office. One of the power of Reagan, who scared the Soviets so much that they retreated to the security of a third-world status rather than challenge America a day longer. We need a man like President George W. Bush, he searched through high deserts, dodged deathly shoe throws and did not stop even in the hottest Arabian heats and coldest Arabian nights in his efforts to capture Saddam Hussein and bring Iraq a taste of true freedom.

    Obama is a coward, so let us send him back to Hawaii where he can do what he loves to do most. Bend over in front of travelling Chinese business man and let them have their way.

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