• Open Gays Already Defile Military With Raunchy, Incestuous Videos

    January 5, 2011 9:23 am Comments Off

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    Not only weeks since Obama decided to overturn “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, the last safeguard to ensure our sons and daughters fighting for our nations freedom so far from home. so far away from the grounding moral foundations of their parents, we find gays are already attacking their decency.

    The latest shocking revelation from the US military, once the world’s proudest and mightiest fighting force, the US Navy has attacked a sitting US general of great honor, all in defense of homosexuals.

    As you know, gays are accountable for diseases such as foot-mouth disease, HIV and even GBD (gay bowel disease/syndrome) in the unsuspecting that they molest in secret morning hours. These are the horrors that especially our sons will find have befallen them in coming years, as the the “private” in the next bunk stands attention for a night of carnal molestation and shame.

    One brave man, Captain Owen P. Honors, stands against this depravity. Captain Honors was given the correct surname by God, for he stands for decency and is doing all he can to discourage homosexuality spreading like a virus in the US Navy.

    Honors created a series of videos called “Moral Boosters”, in which he simply boosted the moral of our brave children, who are defending our freedoms in the most dangerous and backwards of countries.

    This man of accolade and decency has been accused of discouraging homosexuality in his videos, as if there is anything wrong with that. If gays think they can simply sashay onto the battlefield without decent men and women taking offense, they have another thing coming.

    If they want to tell everyone they are gay and join our army, then they better be ready to have their sinful actions corrected. Bless General Honors for his work and let’s look at his latest.


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