• The Defining Blood Libel of the Left Wing Media, Being Smeared All OverSarah Palin

    January 12, 2011 8:40 pm 23 comments

    Sarah Palin Blood Libel

    The death panels of the left now know no age or bound:  they are desperate, hungry for victory, following their harrowing defeats in the last Congressional elections.

    We see the left-wing media, who first used their ObamaCare scare tactics to bully and intimidate our precious grandmothers and grandfathers of the Medicare generation,  is now bringing their death knoll tactics to young and buxom politicians, namely the inspiring and astute political leader Sarah Palin.

    Sarah Palin came under a barrage of errant mediafire by left-wing nutjobs, all after a madman named Jared Loughner opened fire on innocent civilians and civil servants at an Arizona Safeway.  Akin to the ‘guns kill people’ arguments liberals love to use against the NRA, the Democrat-hijacked media tried to pin the blame of the Arizona shooting tragedy on not only Sarah Palin, but the TEA party and GOP proper.

    The accusations:  fierce.  The hatred and lack of media integrity:  unprecedented.  The blood libel:  deadly.

    Sarah Palin was blamed.  Her image was dragged the the mud and through hell itself, where the media tried to cast and raise unbelievable levels of public ire and discontent with the Alaskan snow vixen.   Organizations like CNN and MSNBC want the public to think the Arizona shooter was inspired by Sarah Palin’s crosshair map, a political map that used a gun’s crosshairs to point on trouble spots.

    Way before the incident, Sarah Palin discussed such things and it was not the case.  Yet, the media insisted that the gunman was a right-winger, a true ‘redneck’ just like every other Christian or Republican.  Atheist organizations happily joined in the march, their blind hatred and aggression against Christians being satiated by all the media melodrama and heaping plates of lies being served up by Master Chef miscreants such as Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann and Arianna Huffington.

    Jared Loughner’s parents were interviewed today.  Let us see the truth:

    Jared’s parents on Jared’s political and social aspirations:


    This crazed loner had no political affiliation?  He did not watch the news?  Was he even aware Sarah Palin’s graph?  These things are all evident by the parent’s statement:  Jared Loughner was as far from the right wing as Obama is far from being right for America.

    The Democrats are a hotbed of loons and conspiracy nuts:  they are always on the attack and not objective, reasonable and savvy.  This latest Arizona tragedy shows how they attempt to politicize everything, all in attempts to gain popularity without having to deal with real issues for America:  the threat of homosexual advances in marriage and adoption, the military dangers of China, North Korea and nuclear Iran, the economy and the fading morality of our children in this trying new generation of a brave new world of no prayer in schools and no decency in media and politics.

    Liberals are destroying our country and when a person of good character does arise, such as Sarah Palin, they use their intimidation and manipulation tactics of libel to demean their enemies and forward their socialist agenda.   Even Goebbels in hell must take pause from his screams of agonized torture, as he watches, astonished, at the desperate claims and fantastical twists of reality being performed by the American liberal media.

    Blood libel:  using the blood of the innocent to demonize a good person.  All this week, we’ve witnessed Sarah Palin being the innocent victim of libelous left-wing attacks.  All this week, we’ve seen the victims of Arizona being used as the means of this disrespect.

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