• The Sip and See Game, A Dangerous New High School Trend

    January 10, 2011 8:18 am 2 comments
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  • Only several years ago, we warned you parents about a new game that was going through our nation’s high schools. The name of the game was “Took A Sip From My Devil Cup“. This game involved house parties and children who were allowed to go to them.

    The details of what happened at these parties, terrifying. Boys at the party would fill cups up with a ‘bizarre, devil’s brew’ and choose a girl to drink it. Then, the girl of choosing would drink it and become possessed by whatever the contents of the cup, be it simply alcohol or the date-rape drug. Many children were exploited and our expose helped bring the issue to light.

    Now there is a new, even more dangerous gamed called the “Sip and See” game. This semester at high schools, children are playing this spin-off game from Devil Cup. What’s been passed on to me is that kids will start off at these parties all sober, then older children — likely horndog college students — will bring alcohol with which to ply everyone.

    Children are forced to take every sip from a large cup, then let everyone “See” them, meaning they have to strip naked. Since they are drunk, they will eventually pass out naked and likely get raped by one of the prowling thugs at the party.

    We’ve already seen mention of this game on both Glee and Desperate Housewives of Atlanta. It is becoming more widespread and Hollywood is making a joking buck off of it, while your daughters are getting a ‘buck’ themselves at this party by the diseased pelvis of God knows who.

    This is a new very dangerous game. Parents, let us keep our children chaste. If they ask you to go to a party, just say “No” and tell them to go do some homework or watch a movie. It is not worth the risk until this game dies off from parental concern nationwide.

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