• 9 Loathesome Liberal Traits

    February 25, 2011 2:06 am 85 comments

    Feminists look like men

    The love of killing babies

    Most bleeding heart liberals don’t advocate the death penalty while at the same time allowing women all over the country to slay their unborn children.   Apparently , serial killers should have more rights than unborn babies.   Many feminists think with this twisted logic.   Good Christian women never question man’s laws.

    The want for communism

    From giving free money to minorities to demanding doctors treat them for free,  liberal ideals have always leaned towards communism.   With Kenyan President Barack Obama in office,  this agenda is in full force.   He is bringing change all right,  the same type of change Patrick Swayze fought the Russians over in ‘Red Dawn’.

    The plague of atheism

    Many Democrats don’t believe in god.   Of those who do, most of them are either lonely Wiccan women who worship Satan openly or Allah’s heretics who fly planes into buildings.   Anyone who follows the bible knows it holds Conservative ideals.   America loves Jesus.   Those who don’t would probably find a better home in a weak and godless country like Norway or Bosnia.

    The need to hate Sarah Palin

    Until Jesus comes back, we have Mrs. Palin.   She selflessly stands up for the rights of all Americans,  only to be thanked by the liberal media with unflattering stories containing outright lies and communist propaganda.   The women who hate her are jealous of her,  the men who hate her are gay.


    Real Americans work for their money,  not like the greedy codgers who instead decide to get paid for protesting so called  ‘unfair conditions’.  It is nothing but communist propaganda.   The ironic thing is that if it was a communist country the protesters would have been shot.   The very spirit of freedom they hate is the only thing protecting them from a well deserved baton beating.

    They want criminals to be the only ones with guns

    This country was founded on shooting at the British.   Tree huggers want our guns, they can come and get them.   The sad part is they probably will one day,  but only when they have the Chinese at their backs.   True Americans will rue the day they allowed hippies to ban automatic weapons when they realize killing Satan’s minions is not as easy with a bolt action rifle.

    They want to stay out of the Middle East

    I know about the whole separation of church and state thing,  but as a Christian nation we have the obligation to bring Jesus to the misguided Muslims.   If we don’t step in now the Muslim Bortherhood will take over all the governments in the region.   We can’t allow all our hard work bringing freedom to Iraq to be in vain.   Kenyan President Barack Obama has been , unsurprisingly,  quiet on the matter as of late.

    They want to give the Mexicans our country

    Building a fence doesn’t work on its own.   Anyone who has ever had their house robbed by the landscapers knows this all too well.   We need to station armed guards to protect the letter of the law at all costs.   These people are invaders.   They steal jobs.   They cause crime.   Liberals would rather give them tax money than get them out.

    They allow their children to dress like sluts

    We all accept the fact that welfare moms who have children out of wedlock are destroying our country,  right along with lesbians who regularly adopt Chinese children,  allowing them to bring their communist ideas with them.   You never see good conservative families turning out whores.   It is always the liberals.   Chelsea Clinton, anyone?

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