• Amber Portwood Photo Scandal Rocks MTV

    February 25, 2011 2:12 pm 12 comments

    Amber Portwood Leaked Nude Pictures

    Tears fill my eyes today, as we learn of a scandal involving a teenage momther named  Amber Portwood.

    MTV is a nasty, raunchy porno scandal channel that teaches children they can sniff “snookie cocaine” and get high at head shops and this is all normal

    On the show Teen Mom, they tell girls if they let a boy twazzle them with their dangling twizzlers, it will be a life of candy happiness surprise.  But then we see the truth:  Amber Portman’s best friend leaked her photos into the currents of the web.

    Now her pictures are just like a driftwood, flowing into your computer and all over the world wide sea of web scandals.

    Why is Hollywood exposing these daughters like this.  It is the same treatment they gave to former good girls like Jodi “Sweet” Sweetin, the little chocolate child who used to be the youngest daughter of Family Matters (Judy Windslow), Winnie Cooper from Wonder Years, Britnay Spears and even the little snorting wonder Lindsay Lohan.

    Now we have this poor child and who knows if the following images will ever stop haunting her.  Look at how MTV exploits children and let anger build in your heart, so we can shut this new channel down before it ruins completely this generation of childrens. WARNING:  MTV is a dangerous new channel that has “reality” shows that trick young girls into urban minority pregnancy and then tricks them to exposing their naked truths, then sells those photos so they can be even further exploited and feel worthless and then from that psychological torment, do even nastier things with their bodies at the producer’s command.  Please first pray and demand your wife bring you a box of kleenex as your heart will be broken and then demand woman/children leave the room before reviewing.


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