• American Anderson Cooper Attacked By Pro-Mubarak Egyptian Mobs

    February 3, 2011 6:49 pm 21 comments
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  • An American has been attacked.  Amidst all the chaos and destruction in Egypt, the blood of America has been spilled.  It is a call to arms.

    Our martyr today is American journalist Anderson Cooper.   This man has been in Egypt, trying to give voice, reason and understanding to all the madness that is happening in the war-torn nation.

    Yesterday, horror filled the heart of America after the Muslim radical army called out their mamalukes, the veiled Moors of Christian oppression during the dark ages.

    Imperial Egyptian Mamalukes take to the streets, threatening to lob the head of any person who stands against Muslim Sharia Law. 1400 Americans are still trapped in Egypt.

    The Egytptian authority issued a decree:  “Any journalist or American found giving voice or aid to our enemies, shall be beheaded.

    Making a show of promise on their threats, Egyptians first targeted the polished and fit Anderson Cooper.

    Look at the horror this American faced:

    Here, we see the American journalist surrounded by a raging sea of brown terror. This must have been the same plight facing Alexander the Great, as he brought the light of civilization and reason to the dark lands of Egypt.

    Look at Cooper’s countenance. This is the horror facing all Americans stuck in Egypt, as Sharia law and King Pharaoh anti-Israeli death knolls are once again ringing from the mouth’s of the rioting crowd.

    In this harrowing image, behold as you can see a business suited Muslim throwing an Islamic death gang sign. This is one of nearly 2,000 classified variants that means death to America. We see a child is even in the crowd that’s attacking Anderson Cooper. To the right, a man hold a suspiciously green package that probably holds deadly anti-American propaganda.

    Somewhere within this period, sources report that Cooper was assaulted with ten fists of unknown horror. The Muslims chanted indecipherable words, but were trying to beat in the skull of Anderson Cooper in a defiant show of force against America’s law of free speech and a free press.

    A mounted mamaluke brigade has caught wind that American journalists are in the street, so are trying to make well on their promise to attack. We see Cooper, a sight of silver-haired luminance like Race Bannon from Johnny Quest, spring into action to save himself and several other Americans. A Muslim arm attempts to block the path to safety and it gives more proof as to why we must consider a nuclear option to bring peace to the sandy dunes of Egypt.

    In the background, you see the Egyptian terror hordes have now obtained a CAT or CATERPILLAR destruction machine. It is unknown as to where these monsters obtained this technology, but they are using the yellow armed machine to sweep through the crowds with large construction balls on chains. Just like the machines tear through buildings, the Egyptian army is using it to wipe swathes of crushing death through any crowds aiding Americans. Look at Cooper flee in this action shot; though the man may not have the resolve of Geraldo or the strong chin of our good friend Hannity, he is still an American and is brave enough just by being in mummy lands.

    How ironic that in this photo, we see a teenager who looks a lot like Barack Hussein Obama.

    Let us consider a few things. Now bear with me.

    Again, the masquerading ‘president’s’ name is BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.

    We already know that Saddam Hussein and Barack Hussein is frightening. But think about this.

    Mubarak. Barak. Barack Obama. You can see how it is all related?

    Obama’s name is prophetic, each part represents how Muslims will begin to retake the world and rebuild it in their dark, oil-hording image.

    First in Iraq, with the fall of Hussein we have an even more evil Muslim theocracy taking place. The Prophecy of Hussein has been fulfilled.

    Then in Egypt, we see the fall of Mubarack. Barack: in ancient Semitic, Barac means “Praise the Dark Lord” and we can see that’s what Obama is doing here and the prophecy is fulfilling himself.

    What dictator has something similar to Obama in the name. It is the 3rd act of the prophecy and that is when the big finish will be taking place.

    Now liberals out there will scoff at this wisdom, saying it is not factual and that Obama is not tied into Iraqi or Egyptian bloodterror prophecies. I say when you fat mouth liberals say this, THEN HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN OBAMA’S FACE WAS FOUND IN AN ANCIENT PYRAMID OF A DEATH GOD OF DECEPTION?

    Read that and your heart races with unknown dread night chariot speeds, the cadence of your heart matching the cloven hooves of the camel horses galloping a path of trodden death and destruction.

    Read it and see the works of Obama!

    Dark wagging fingers assault America; look at them point in hell crisped anger and madness. I wish it were the time of Crusades again, because I would gladly join a night brigade and lob the nonpeaceful hand of all those Mongolian Nairobi Barbarians!

    When you attack one of us, you attack us all! An American of note and fame has been attacked. They are trying to tell American media to be silenced. It is a Goebbel Stalin play at shutting down the free press with violence. Well guess what, we have endless cameras and technology, Egypt!

    Our friend Stephenson Billings has already prayed for the day when a real Republican, be it estrogen or a man of God, comes to lead our armies and set you free oh wretches spirits of Ra and Ramses. We willl burn upon you a wrath that could not even be dreamt by your imaginary Sun God. We have been given the power to burn our enemies with a weapon that burns hotter than the Sun itself; it will set your lands free of tyranny and oppression!

    The people of Egypt are lost and need the voice of reason to lead them. America, it is that voice. Egypt needs the presence of a true military and government who works for the people and by the people. America, it is the government.

    It is time for us to return morality to Egypt; to perhaps make Alexandria the burgeoning center of African morality and decency, as it was meant to be. The Muslim spirit of violence is causing genocide and famine in Europe; a sad tale that plays out in country after country, to the hand claps from a turban terror Houdini who bows before Mecca.

    Egypt needs Christ. That is why the people are calling out with hearts hardened, ears shut to reason and eyes closed to the light. God has called for America to be doctor unto the world and to cure the afflicted. My friends, Egypt is sick.

    And be it with psychological counseling or with a good dose of nuclear medicine, we must commit Egypt to a health regimin that will cure their ongoing defiance to decency.

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