• Are Mexicans Secretly Converting To Islam?

    February 26, 2011 11:46 pm 8 comments

    Proof that Mexicans have been hanging around Muslims

    Recent reports out of Mexico have Islam gaining ground on other religions amongst the poor and indigent native population.   Could this spell doom for good conservative citizens like you and I?

    Think of the ramifications.   Thousands of them cross the border every day.   Until now they have been mere Catholic ruffians,  mostly causing problems of the criminal variety.   Imagine if their allegiance was switched from the Virgin Mary to Allah the Terrorist.

    Hispanics and Arabs are well known to bear quite a resemblance to each other physically.   The probability of one of the Muslim Brotherhood blending in and spreading his poison has always been likely.

    And that is just what has happened.   It started with the lower class Mayan Indians.   Of course the terrorists would go after the least intelligent first.   Having gained their foothold,  they are now no doubt planning to infect the migrant farm workers with their rhetoric.   From there it will spread like a disease until every last Mexican is praying to Allah instead of Jesus.

    You may scoff,  but how hard do you think it would be to secretly convert a group of people who once believed in sun gods?   If the Spanish can do it why can’t the Muslim Brotherhood?   Numbers of Muslims in Mexico has more than tripled in the last few years.

    What happens when they jump our borders and start bombing our buses?   How do you explain to little Johnny that he can’t go to church on Sunday because a Mexican blew it up?   More importantly how fast can we start building the fences and stocking the guard posts.   The Republican Congress would be doing something about this by now if they weren’t busy being foggled around with by Kenyan President Barack Obama.

    Liberals will try to pass this off as a racist attempt at hating brown people,   but it is not.   Concerned conservatives will see it for what it is:  a warning.

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