• Asians Attempt to Destroy Sun: Ruin Solar System for Caucasians

    February 15, 2011 4:42 pm 94 comments
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    In another unforeseen consequence of the Tower of Babel, a new link in a in a long assault chain on mankind has been revealed.

    Asia has long been a pestilence on the rest of the world. Among its history shines:
    Giant Robots
    Pearl Harbor
    Sex toys aimed at kids
    Kids loudly Playing Marco Polo while you are trying to relax poolside
    Bird Flu
    North Korea
    Hello Kitty
    Un-American cars
    Wide angle sunglasses
    Crazy video games that don’t make any sense.
    Asian Carp

    Now Asians have their own “Asian Sun” and are trying to destroy the sun that most Caucasians rely on for life.

    Asian Holes Drilled in sun: Sun Holes

    Japan’s Hinode sun-watching satellite photographed the sun’s two coronal holes on Feb. 1. In the image, one coronal hole appears near the top center of the sun while another one — a polar coronal hole — is visible near the bottom of the view.

    But don’t worry; experts say the holes don’t pose a threat to the whole Earth.

    Anonymous chrisTwire sources have learned that Asians do not rely on our sun , but instead have their own “Asian Sun” that provides them with nutrients and will not only live, but thrive once our sun is destroyed.

    North Idaho reverend August P Brinkle has advised all his parishioners to take whatever steps are needed to save the Caucasian way of life.

    Rev A P Brinkle:
    Rev A P Brinkle:

    “I hereby urge all Americans to contact their government officials immediately and demand that we stop the destruction of our God-given Caucasian Sun”

    Calls to the State Department, NASA, Japanese Space Program and China went unanswered.http://www.ruralnorthwest.com/

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