• Britney Spears Hold It Against Me Video 2011, São Paulo

    February 18, 2011 1:31 pm 2 comments
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  • The Whore of Babylon dances before the world again.

    Glimmering thighs and lusty lips, all beacon for our boys to gyrate their hips. This seductress is named Britney Spears and I have prayed years for this child to lose her sinful mind.

    I saw that just like reprobate kinds of old, she was forced to shave her head and crawl upon the ground like cattle. I was sorely afraid of the Lord’s wrath and felt for the child, but knew she deserved it.

    During our deacon council’s teleconference today, we found that Britney Spears Hold It Against Me Video was released to the public. In a little less than a decade, our last prayers against this creature of Revelation had faded and her Satanic power to corrupt the innocent has grown to unknown levels.

    Before getting to this new video, let’s review some of the whore antics from the past.

    This is the first sinshot I ever saw of this hookerwhore.  She was at the Music Television Video (MTV) award show and dancing with the snake of Eden, that is the old crawling serpent Lucifer!

    Lucifer was a brand whore angel.  He was cast from heaven in great anger and forced to suffer an eternity of slithering and sliding!  Well, Lucifer soon found that women were of weak morals and slid himself right into Eve’s exposed gunny sack.

    Lucifer snockered Eve and if you read through the lines, you can see Genesis tells about the first adultery.  That is why a woman’s ovaries are cursed to this day and when the whine about pains and suffering when pregnant, tell them to shut their whore mouths and accept their generational punishment from God!

    If Eve wasn’t trying to use Satan’s scepter as a vibrator, then they would not have to hold our growing seeds for nine months and bleed for every other month!  It is a curse upon women and they deserve it!

    So what a surprise.  We see Satan has inhabited this ball python with his spirits and I can bet you this python smelled of Britney’s tunamelt during the after party.  It is sick.

    The poopy squat pose.  If you ever have a cat in your home, do an experiment.

    Spray some catnip all over a toy and then shut the cat off in a trapped area with it.  In the cat’s eyes, you’ll notice they get tiny and slitted.  They are falling under the spell scent of sin.  Then, they’ll go all wild and arch their back, mewing and clawing in the spirit of ecstasy.

    This is how gays get when they see images like this. The poopie squat pose is used by whores to let the smell of their dinglings emanate through the air.  It is supposed to make everyone think about backdoor sins and gays naturally love this.  It is a double-play however, is it makes normal people think about it too.

    Anyone who enters through the rear is a queer!  Britney Spears is being used to spread a gay agenda and Satan highfives her for this every night.

    After seeing this video I prayed for it to be the 1600s, so I could don my robe and declare this cat demon a threat to society and throw her down the Potomac.  Too bad that prayer was not granted because it would have been a wet and wild ride for this foul pussy.

    These images were the last straw for me.  I unleashed prayer after prayer for Britney to fall into depression, fat waistlines and torment when this happened.

    There is nothing more fishy than a gonorrhea gopher, that is, the foul smelling lesbian.  Look it up in any medical journal and you’ll see the scent of lesbianism smell just like a fishmonger’s backseat.  And that is all we smelled on stage this night.

    Britney Spears came onto the stage, doing her usual pelvic thrusts of peril.  She was exposing her thighs and letting her milk sacks cause devil desire to trickle down everyone’s face in the form of perspiration.

    Then, she kicked the sin thermostat up a few degrees.  “Ven aqui, mami mala!” Britney sang and onto the stage, popped a Mexican mistress!

    It goes by the name of Christina Aguilera and I thank God that our good friend Tyson Bowers III has launched a campaign to get this illegal migra fearer out of our country.  She cannot sing the National Anthem and she is a Tijuana slut donkey!  She wants everyone to go on her streamer carnival ride!

    It looks like a New York barrio rat got plastic joggly implants and then threw a black’s blonde extension weaves into its hair, then spread its legs in a musty play to look sexy while screeching in its little vermin voice!  That sums up an Aguilera performance and don’t try to say it is racist!

    So there was a gapping gopher and Mexican raton on stage, so how could MTV make it any worse that night.  How could they spread any more disease across America and ruin the crop of our fresh, innocent children.

    They brought in the Masteress of Matress, Maddonna!  It is well known everyone has seen the beast that resides in between her thigh fat and it’s definitely not a fresh experience.   It can sink any ship faster and bigger than the Titanic, if you get my drift!  Whore!

    So it was a whore fest and MTV had these three, on their children movie awards, have lesbian lickdown right on stage.  They all three just swapped spit and at one point Madonna clamdabbled the Mexican.   I’d rather have ten year’s of Montezuma’s revenge than touch any of these demonwankers with a latexed glove.

    So with all of these memories, today, we find Britney is back at it.  Satan has once again given her his devil powers of seduction.  Here is the new video. WARNING:  The following video is Hold It Against Me by Britney Spears.  Immediately demand any woman/wife and children leave the room before reviewing.

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