• Chicago Man Gets Snow Revenge on Female Neighbor

    February 9, 2011 6:13 pm 13 comments

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    Derek Van Buren


    Modern America has a unique problem with coy feminists. In our society, it is still expected for a man to brave the tougher elements or hold upon a door for a lady, but yet in this “Affirmative Action” world, there is no equal respect given to men of proper nature and taste.

    Women demand equal pay for work they cannot perform equally. In homes across America, husbands are hauled off by police while abusive wives play the victim card. Female teachers sexually exploit male students time and time again, with no truly just repercussion.

    Women of today need to get knocked down from their gilded pedestals.  Men bend over and let the Daughters of Loquacious hobnecked field wenches shove way too many unfair laws, edicts and workplace inequality past our prostate and into our gut, where we just digest it and take it all in process.

    This is a problem that needs to stop. Men do not deserve to be treated so low in this world.  Man was created as the head of society and when roles are reversed, we get the pathetic mess we have today with broken families, broken economy and broken national moral.

    The man in the following video is a hero.  He caught a woman on his home-camera security system.  The female sneaked into his fenced yard to steal a shovel, so she could shovel a snowpath for her car.  She thought she did not have to return the tool and could get away with thieving, for she is a careless XX

    Our hero today, he was far above petty liberal PC behavior.  Using his new snow blower, our guy buried the woman’s car under four-feet of snow the following night and then enjoyed hot chocolate from the comfort of his home, as he watched this little robber toil for four hours to dig her car out from its frigid tomb, using, the man’s stolen shovel.  Enjoy and hopefully Jack Frost bit her fingers to the point of a painful reminder.

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