• Christian Perfect Resume: How to Beat the Obama Unemployment Scourge

    February 1, 2011 7:57 pm 31 comments
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    For unemployed Christians watching the SOTU address, the mocking tone and beady gaze of the Commander and Chief and liberal messiah as he talked about WTF solutions to unemployment in the United States of America was a cold reminder of the second place citizen status of Christians in Obama’s America. Many of Obama’s solutions were clearly anti-Christian biased to benefit the liberal elite with their science degrees and liberal leanings , not real Americans with Christian educations and Christian family values.

    Jobs are the Real Issue

    We need to heed the message of Michelle Bachmann and look over our shoulder to our better angels for answers to our country’s unemployment issues. Each of us can do our part by applying and successfully obtaining jobs with the same evangelical fervor we praise and grow in Christ.

    For those just beginning a job search, click HERE for some great information on getting started and a list of tools you will need to work on a resume, such as: computer with a word processing program, paper, and a printer. Here’s a couple of great summary examples to jump start your process:

    “Born-again fundamental Christian, BS Accounting, MBA, CMA with 15 years experience in plastics and creationist injection molding manufacturing budgets and periodic analysis using SAP, Oracle, and Hyperion data systems in the corporate reporting environment.”

    “Second-chance, born-again Evangelical Christian; 25 years involvement in Human Resources for 150+ employee logistics concern, experienced in successfully staffing for 100% on time delivery with an illegals free workforce.”

    Once a solid foundation for the resume is developed, analysis of your resume and some prudent tweaking will elevate your application to the top of the pile for interviews. Here is a list of ten check points to consider before sending your resume to prospective employers and some key questions for the interview process.

    1. Remember God is in the Details. Pray before you begin to analyze your resume. Ask God to aid you in presenting an honest reflection your Christian self.
    2. Christianity loves sinners – Witness to prospective employers how you were cured of Alcoholism, Drug Addiction or Homosexuality through the healing of Jesus. You can provide a brief 2-3 page summary with your resume and cover letter or if your story is compelling, introduce yourself to prospective employers with your witness story.
    3. Use Social Networking to your advantage. Note your FaceBook status on the cover letter and keep your pictures updated to document your involvement in church groups, protests and red-white- and blue heartfelt love for America.
    4. Make sure your references reflect your Christian identity. Sadly, we are judged on the company we keep. Stay current with your references and ensure you are not harboring enemies in your mist. One closeted homosexual on your reference list could mean the difference between employment and your wife becoming a prostitute.
    5. Include Bible quotes on your resume and bring your Bible, with Post Its referencing your favorite passages, to the interview.
    6. Your voting record does matter! Incorporate your political affiliations into your resume to show how you support American business and American Christian values with your participation and note how Obama is making the last decade the best decade for America.
    7. During the interview, ask questions about the company’s culture. Are a lot of foreign-born employees working behind the scenes? Be sure to point out that aside from dietary constraints in the snack room offerings (Muslims won’t eat fried pork rinds), Christians don’t require breaks five times a day for prayer. If you are fortunate enough to be invited on a tour of the facility and observe a lot of blacks lolling around, make a light joke about how that seems to be the norm with that group with a witty notation of something you read on American Thinker . Keep your comments positive and conversational, remember this is an interview.
    8. When interviewing with someone who may or may not be Christian, ASK! If they answer yes, you can feel confident in beginning the interview with a prayer of thanksgiving and praise. If they answer no, inquire if they will join you in a prayer for their salvation from a life ending in eternal damnation.
    9. Keep in mind that not all businesses are Christian friendly. While according to the LAW an employer cannot discriminate on the basis of religious affiliation or belief, some business do. Follow up on job opportunities that you were perfectly suited for and not awarded the position. Keep good notes during the application and interview process and follow up with legal action if you feel you are the victim of Christian discrimination .
    10. Enjoy this day the Lord has made! Don’t get discouraged when you don’t get a position. Christ’s plan for you may not be evident to you, but He will keep you safe.

    Enjoy the fellowship of like minded Christians and post your resumes in the comments section. For it is said:

    For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.

    - Matthew 18:20


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