• Christians Protect Egypt’s Muslims During Prayer

    February 4, 2011 1:39 pm 46 comments
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    With a show of typical love and understanding, Christians in Egypt are banning together to help the pagan primitives complete their rituals without fear of being attacked while distracted.

    In the world of Shariah Law, all Muslims must pray six times a day or they have to kill themselves in sacrifice. They must face the East and ask their allah for great mercy or they feel he will never hear their cries again, so they just kill themselves.

    With the great war and violence in Egypt, we see the protesters have taken to the street. It is getting bad. They have now taken to burning flags and even effigies, the most firebrand signs of 3rd world anger.

    The Dread Egyptian Muslim Army has responded to the crowds today with great violence. 300 lay dead in the violence and in this number, no Americans.

    There can be nothing more terrifying than terrorists and Muslims. On a day of great sadness, Muslims joined together to sneak attack millions of innocent people on 9/11.

    A small piece of every American was lost in the attacks. It was an affront to Democracy, decency and Christianity, yet, today in Egypt we see the love of Christ is still for all people.

    Some people were shocked by the tweet. Why would Christians protect those who worship false gods?

    In the Bible, we see that God gives everyone free will. This concept is naturally built into America’s law by virtue of the Declaration of Independence. We are a free nation under the will of God, so we allow the scientologists, the Moslems and the synagogues of God’s chosen people. We allow even the Chinese to do their suspicious Hindi death chants in prayer to Mao.

    We allow these things not because they are what will lead these people to heaven, but instead they have the right to choose to be Christian and go to Heaven, or to be heathen and burn in hell. It is their right and our duty to ensure free will reigns supreme.

    Egypt is a nation full of tumult; it is the expected resulted of any theocratic government. The Shariah Law and resultant hadith breed a blood seeking society full of hunger, mistrust and poor economy. It is a wonder these people can even make protest signs.

    But in the midst of darkness, we see the light. We see even in Egypt, Christians join together to bring peace and democracy. Any one of those praying Muslims would not hesitate to bomb those Christians if necessary, then dance around. But today, in Egypt, we see a piece of American peace. The lifestyle of America. People joined together to protect those they do not necessarily agree with in any form.

    This is the freedom we love and endure. This is the message we want to send to Iraq. This is the true brotherhood of not just Muslims, the Muslim Brotherhood is a poor political party. This is a new brotherhood. The Brotherhood of American Emulation.

    If we can rain a swathe of freedom upon Egypt, perhaps by bombing to dust the places where their terror armies once stood, we can then send our troops in and teach all Egyptians how to be people of peace. It is what we’re doing with Iraq. It is the bringjoy we brought to Japan after World War 2.

    It is Egypt’s moment to have an American peace. The people are hungry for Revolution: it is our job to bring it to them and give them peace. Then build for them a new age of glory and wonder, with fine Christians such as the ones we see proudly protecting their Brothers today. We are all one and the same in Christ; brothers and sisters in unity.

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