• Christina Aguilera Flubs National Anthem During Super Bowl, A Case for Generational Green Card Accredidation

    February 8, 2011 5:42 pm 27 comments
    Each year, a singer renown for strong vocal or public presence is given the honor of singing one of this nation’s great anthem of freedom. This year a Latin American woman named Christina Aguilera received the honor of performing a song written into the heart of every kindergarten child in America.

    A cursory look through Wikipedia reveals this Aguilera is touted for a four-octave vocal range and stage presence, while a visual assessment shows her instinctive female penchant for shaking her exposed chest like a panicked Tijuana  slapcow with two swords in the back, matador’s cheering “Ole!” in delight while her udders dance about in entertaining shame and disgrace.

    What I’m saying here is this girl looks morally questionable, what some what could a ‘T-Bell burrito special’ or ‘barrio’s ama de cama’ in the Spanish vernacular.   It’s all the same, while the package may look good and even smell good on the outside, within it’s all grimy grease and spent products that will rot the most hardened intestine.

    This is not sexist, it is simply a frank assessment of a woman who allegedly used Wikipedia to look up the national anthem to this country.  What child does not know the words to this song?  What person goes to an event watched by 114 million people, to only ruin everything within the first five minutes of coverage?

    With a classic Maddowesque move, Aguilera proved herself to be like most women in the spotlight.  Without true talent, with a big mouth and prominent features that excite the audience with lustful temptation or seething fury.

    Revelations about the ineptness of women aside, there is a bigger issue here.  Immigration and nationalization.

    America is oft called the great melting pot, a place where all flavors of people can find a home.  The problem is that in today’s world, not all flavors want to assimilate and blend with the national recipe.   Such antics leads to a bad taste and gut-wrenched gumbo spewing all over the place, much like what was witnessed at Super Bowl party after Super Bowl party across America after Aguilera’s offensively atrocious performance.

    Somewhere along the line, Aguilera’s grandparents or parents forgot to teach their daughter the core values of being an American woman.  Keep it classy, keep it proud, and above all else, keep offensive things within. We witness that born into this woman, was not a sense of American decency.

    The problem we see with this clown-painted temptress is simple:  she’s the product of a generational immigration issue.

    When foreign people come to America for citizenship, they are required to take a test.  If they can pass the test, they can get a green card and become  a transient American.

    The problem we see and it is very prominent in Aguilera’s home state of New York, is that there is a cultural institution of defiance in the families of 20th century immigrants.

    Instead of fully embracing America’s Puritan-oriented culture, we find that in Mexican-Hispanic barrios a constant color schema of bright pink and yellow third-world adobe homes, greasy foods of unknown product constituency and  even worse, horrible music that does not match traditional cultured chord progression that rests easier upon the American ear.

    Perhaps that is why Aguilera’s screeching anthem rendition caused an economic surge in mute button replacement?

    When we look across ‘demographic broadstroke’ neighborhoods, be they Mexican barrios, Irish woptowns, black ghettos or even Indian reservations, we see this culture of people who are here on a green card’s promises, not passing on American values they vowed to expose to their children.  This is a major problem.

    So why does Aguilera look like a 2 peso marijuana queen dancing before the moonlit pyramids of Oaxaca?  Is it Hollywood, or is it her parents?

    I’m voting the latter.  When you look at international pictures, you’ll notice a sultry slutiness that embodies every woman you see as you go further south of the equatorial border.  Euphemism aside, the smirk on your face indicates your realization of this fact.

    America has a major problem:  immigrants.

    Their families are dragging down the national strength of this country.  It is bad enough that we have women masquerading in the work of men, but just as we see in even Hollywood, we have kids who are the products of lazy parenting and do not even know the correct words to our national anthem.

    How can we expect these people to have pride in this nation, when in their familial view it is bringing the third-world to the free world.  Our economy is collapsing. Our military, growing weak.  Why do we grow more like other nations?

    Because we are letting other nations come to us, breeding new litters of Ecuadorian, Irish, African and every other 3-worldican ethics in their children, who will then grow up to bring the worst of the world into the workplaces, schools and we see even tvs of our nation.

    The solution to this is simple.  If a person comes to this country, they must agree that every single descendant of theirs will agree to  Green Card Accredidation.

    Every year, they will be accessed by the government to ensure they know the basic knowledge of every American:  name, the President, important dates, our international enemies, terror-screening, American-oriented trivia and morality.

    These post-generational children can be educated.  They will not lose citizenship, but be taught decency, respect and job values that will let them better contribute to our culture.

    These are the among the core fundamentals shared by all Americans and that has let our 50 states join each other in a calm status of peace.  If we continue to allow woman like Christina Aguilera flaunt their little sin seething heinies on stage, all while flapping their mouths with nonsense spewing into the ears of every home in America, we may as well prepare to see the horrors of Egypt in our backyards.


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