• Comic Book Girl “Nerd Panties” Trend on Facebook – Is Your Daughter Next?

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    Only weeks ago, we looked into a dangerous new trend where school girls were taking pictures of themselves in Batman panties and sharing them with millions of strangers on Facebook.

    Was there a comic book writer’s nerdy scheme behind the uncouth antics? Or was it a deeper cultural impact these fetishized fantasy characters are having upon America’s youth?

    Reviewing the tale of Batman, we found a story that fit the model of exploitation and degradation.  As reviewed, Batman is the story of a middle-aged man who fancies forcing a boy to wear tight see-through stocking.

    The Batman is a character who represents child exploitation and gay adoption.  Taut muscles bounding as they spend the night being thrashed and bound by criminals, only to overcome impossible adversary through neatly placed gadgets and groping one another, Batman and the young, supple Robin return to their ‘batcave’ where they have wounds nursed by a male butler named Alfred.

    Even within the comic community, there has been much speculation that Batman and Robin are homosexual motifs, an archetype for a gay man-boy relationship being played out on colorful pages that children will read again and again.

    Then there is the larger issue; do comics represent a sexualized, fetishistic framework into which children escape?  Also, in this world where online virtual life blurs with the physical, how long will it be before children are running around outside with their underwear and tights hanging out, just like their favorite superhero or characters?

    The disturbing trend we discuss today.  There is a new rash of photographs being inspired by the writers of these characters — from Stan Lee to Frank Miller– and they have a hold on this girl children.

    In high schools and colleges, girls are playing a new game where they upload pictures of themselves to show their support of comic characters in the most naughty of ways.  They share these in public and to millions of strangers.  Is your child one playing these games?

    You will only know after you raid their room when they are gone or do an impromptu visit to their college.  Look through their t-shirt drawers and dirty laundry hampers.  Smell their bedsheets deeply to see if you cannot detect the whiff of backside fornication or self-lust.  It may seem extreme, but when you are talking about your son and daughter falling down a path of sexual perversion and life-dealing addiction due to comics, there is no parenting concern or action that is too extreme.

    Another option is “hacking” into their Facebook account.  Your children may whine to see you have taken control, but you remind them that the police encourage this action because it saves children from being abducted by a homosexual predator.

    For those who walk by sight and not by faith, we have archived some young women who have fallen into this new Facebook comic game.  In reviewing these archived image results, we will delve deeper into some of the displayed characters and introduce context for parents who may be dealing with this terrifying development in societal internet culture.

    - Editor’s Note:  The images in the following photographic gallery are not appropriate for all genders or audiences.  Viewer discretion is advised.

    • 1.

      In Japan, Nintendo is literally the word for “perverted electronics”.  The video gaming platform was allegedly created by a man whose animating skills were “hentai”, another Japanese word for “pervert”.

      The Nintendo is seemingly innocent, but it slowly introduced children to a full scale Japanese assault of video game depravity.

      The girl in this video has exposed the Nintendo logo for all of her Facebook friends to see, hoping they will come over a dust off her ’8 bits’ or some such jargon the kids use.

    • 2.

      Wonder Woman is a feminist power character created by DC Comics.  Ironically enough, however, review of the Wonder Woman comic franchise reveals this character is not all about girl power, but rather shows girls how to wrap themselves up in “magic ropes” and lassoed leather, all while sitting in the most seductive way possible until being freed by some men.

      The comic technique used within Wonder Woman comics has come to be known as Seduction of the Innocent.  Parents will overlook the questionable whorish clothing that clings to Wonder Woman’s ripping body.  Instead, they will let their sons and daughters buy the comic, thinking it is a symbol of egalitarian schema.  Truly, how many women can there be in comics?  Probably much like the WNBA without much good, active characters of decent ability to note.

      Female parents may think the character is a rare opportunity for children to be introduced to a non-yawn worthy cartoon specimen.  The problem of that thinking is errant; Wonder Woman lives on a lesbian island where all of the women have a Greek bathhouse fetish and wrestle in mudpits, tying their bondage ropes and cleaving each other’s tanned flesh, only to have blood spilt upon the altars of gyrating temptations.  It is sick and you can see it all for yourself, parents.

      There is no excuse to let your children read this filth on a weekly basis.  It will poison their mind with lesbian thoughts and give them strange urges, such as taking a picture of themselves with Wonder Woman panties and then inviting an online stranger to come bind them up if he or she likes what they see.

    • 3.

      This young woman is giving Iron Man the business.  It is a fetish play that may actually be a calculated attempt by some bed bait company to make a name for itself.  Viorotica:  it sounds as if Viagra is trying to get a push into the static film and video nasty industry.

      Whatever the case, the symbolism here is clear.  In a phallic-toking display, this girl is showing she has deeply inhaled the wafting spirits of immorality.  She is using Iron Man in a ploy designed to lead others into sexual temptation.  A colleague found this image upon reviewing Facebook via the global search function.  It represents a timed bomb that will wait for your kids to come upon it and have their thoughts explosively altered by what they see, perhaps even further researching the Viorotica brand line.

    • 4.

      Superman is a character of Jewish design, meant to be an archetype for The Savior prophesied by the Torah. While most professing people of logic understand the prophesy was fulfilled by Christ, there are still those who cling to Superman fantasies.

      It is very disturbing to see one of the most recognized characters of truth and morality is going to be attributed to teenage pregnancy.

      This girl is saying, “Fly right in” with Superman’s placement.  It is sick and just to think, she is probably hiding her increasing belly girth from her parents with big flowing coats and capes now.  In a few months, her womb and life will be branded with a super sin and her parents will wonder where it all went wrong.  This is happening on Facebook and Myspace as you read, parents.  Have you hacked into your child’s Facebook account yet?

    • 5.

      Here we can see a wild child, as evidenced by pink Kool-aid stained hair, not wearing a brassiere while outside the confines of a bathroom and a third-party shot of her back-end which is advertising “Aren’t you a little to short for a stormtrooper?”

      Much as with Superman, it is an advertisement display for Facebook or the very dangerous Craigslist.com.  It seems this girl is selling her services right from her parent’s basement.

      The Stormtrooper is a character from Star Wars, known for shrouding its face behind a mask of mystery and misfiring ‘jolts’ of death from its ‘force shooter’.  The words are being used here, to tell a man that this girl enjoys colon coddling.  She is telling a man that she will allow him to fire himself for a short or fast amount of time, for a fee.

      The power of the internet allows her to sell this service to every person on Earth in only a matter of seconds.  This is terrifying and why were are seeing a 23% increase in teenage pregnancy in high school and college.

    • 6.

      This is another that fits the Superman motif.  Notice how the gun tattoos are also being used in this advertisement.  The Superman symbol marks the spot and the guns say “Shooter Here.”  The Superman symbol lets the viewer know that birth control must be involved, deflecting any fast flying bullets just like Superman’s shield.

    • 7.

      The college girl’s panties are meant to make one have to squint and focus upon her rounded gluteal prominence, but that is not the true thing one should get upon analysis.  To the right, you see the character “Ernie” from Sesame Street.

      Ernie and Bert were involved in a scandal only years ago, where it was feared that the homosexual antics of the two puppets would lead the Generation X children to lead a lifestyle of perversion.  On the show Sesame Street, the two characters shared a bedroom and took bath’s with one another. They were known to wear rainbow color shirts and to fondle each other with puppet arms on screen.

      Children may not have understood the homosexual themes at the time, but as they grew older a latent lust emerged from their brains. Homosexuality is all about raw possession and need for unclean passion; the children who paid witness to Bert and Ernie have this homosexual desire seared into the hippocampus of their brain, burned forever into their childhood memories.

      The liberal media elite will try to deny these facts, but we only have to see jumping girls in their panties posting images on Myspace and Facebook to know there is some mental damage.  There is psychological hurt causing bizarre displays of sexuality in Generation X and as usual, the gays are to blame.

    • 8.

      Here we find a girl using rainbow Skittles technique to invite men and women to come taste her rainbow.  The vivid colors are meant to lure out a sense of African safari and exotic throes of ecstasy.  The only true thing being thrown out here is Satan bait.

      Like coming upon a stranger with candy, the mouth of the innocent may salivate at this bizarre mixture of iconic comics and candy treats,but will soon find a salty explosion of gut wretching sin being swallowed down when they realize the true implication of what’s happening.

      It is a very disturbing thought and what’s even more disturbing is that this level of marketing is being produced right in the bedrooms of your sons and daughters.  You think your child is using those Walmart sheets and comforters for good, but only find they are using them for neon displays of online erotica.

    • 9.

      Research shows the advertisement here is again for Nintendo, the controller being the object of thrust.

    • 10.

      Cupid and Superman collide in this image.  Disturbing.

    • 11.

      Our first expose of this trend revealed how our nation’s youth are taking ‘sexy’ photos of themselves, somtimes via phone, and then uploading the images to public social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, Myspace or Friendster.  This sites are ‘hip’ among students and your child has an account on each one.  If you do not want your daughter to come up missing because she attracted the attention of some online pervert, find a way to end the accounts now and raid their drawers for these sick fetish panties.

    • 12.

      Hello Kitty is a Japanese brand of pornography that ships to American under the word “Anime”.  Sources across the web allude to the fact that anime is the Japanese word for pornography, though our research team finds that it seems to stand for a Japanese pronunciation for ‘animation’.

      Whatever the case, the symbolism of Hello Kitty is rife with decadence.  If you go to any store, you will see they have Hello Kitty for preschool girls all the way up to college girls.  The “Kitty” is reference to the female region that falls in between the labial flaps.  Hello is what a man’s protrusion is to say when knocking upon the doors to Satan’s desire.

      It tries to paint this up in bubble-gum pink innocence and a feline mascot, but rest assure that the company’s plot is nefarious.  It is to get our daughters to be little online pornographers for them and peddle the product off to sick strangers who will not hesitate to bind and abduct your precious loved one.

    • 13.

      Researching this one took some time.  Finally, we have discovered the masterminds behind this brassiere are the Japanese.

      Japan is a very sick culture; it really is.  On their television, families participate in reality game show orgies while the audience applauds.  Japanese think pixelating their sinful antics somehow makes it all better, but fail to realize there is nothing moral about forcing college girls to allow a stranger to knead their pleasure parts with the arms of a rigor mortis squid.

      The brassiere is a play on the Japanese Nintendo game Pokemon.  It stands for capturing a female’s mammalian ludicrosities in colored balls.  The symbolism is apparent and this perversion has no place in America or our websites, yet it stands here for all the world to see.

    • 14.

      Batgirl is Batman mixed with Wonder Woman’s lesbianism and age exploitation.  Just like a Democrat, Batman woos the Batgirl character with his great fortune and political connections.

      He is nearly triple her age and yet makes her carry around a whip and wear leather as she ‘trains’ with him in the batcave.  Robin’s jealousy must mount high, which the writers use to make crazy stories of what the Batgirl and Robin characters will do to gain Batman’s primary affection.

      It is very sick and you can see the stories are already branding themselves upon our children.

    • 15.

      The Nintendo Wii is Japan’s most advanced form of video game perversion.  You see this girl has the Wii Remote, which has a vibrate function.  The vibrate function can be controlled by strangers miles away and who are connected to this girl online.  The Wii is a gateway to virtual sexcapades.

      Does your child have a Nintendo Wii in his or her bedroom?  Was your wife overly anxious to get Xoomba?  The reason why may not be so innocent.  Odds are they are being electronically stimulated by a stranger and are having a new form of adulterous fornication that will only lead to an eventual real-life meetup.

    • 16.

      As you can tell by now, young women of today are associating Superman with sexualized marketing.  The DC comics team has done a masterful job of making children take sex lightly, much like it is all about happiness and laughter.  Hopefully they all understand the world of prostitution is full of tears and drug needles, only relieved by death.

    • 17.

      The Spider-man was created by a geriatric named Stan Lee and is a homosexual character.  Girls may feel comfortable around gay men, because they naively think a gay is without sexual interest in them.

      How many girls have gay friends that they will lay all over and kiss on the cheek, even laying next to them in their supporting-gay-pride panties after a night of wild drinking.

      What we must make our girls know and understand  is every simple:  danger gays love anything with a backyard entrance.  They will exploit a girl in her sleep just like they will do a Jalepeno Juan strutting around his prostitution on a drunken weekend in Tijuana.  There is nothing but shameful disease and unwashable scents associated with such things, so let’s make sure we are keeping our daughters away from The Spider-man’s innuendo laced goo web of  sin.

    • 18.

      This girl is wearing a fitted Star Trek’s captain uniform.  This was spotlighted on a Facebook Craigslist profile and is saying “Beam me up”, a clear marketed euphemism.

    • 19.

      The only thing more enticing to a lesbian could be a Wonder Woman lollipop.  In many years of exposing sins that are a danger to our children, none so blatantly depicting acts of lesbianism have emerged until this Wonder Woman.

    • 20.

    • 21.

    • 22.

    • 23.

    • 24.

    • 25.

    • 26.

    • 27.

    • 28.

      This image was shared by a junior editor and the implication or reference it is making is still lost upon our research team.  It is proof that many of you parents may be looking your child’s cry for attention and help right in the face and not even know what themes they are referencing.  This one is as indecipherable as terrifying language scribblings upon the wall, but we are sure it looks foreign and so it must bode some sort of doom for all in proxy.

    • 29.

    • 30.

    • 31.

      Spiderman tangles more college children in a confusing goo web of homosexual trust and requisite exploitation in backyard sins.  Notice how Superman and Batman are usually advertised in a front position, but Spiderman is always danging behind.  The homosexual comic book agenda to taste of a girl’s backside should now grow more apparent in your mind.

    • 32.

      Yoda is holding a green saber dagger in this photo and we can only guess where its final destination will be, no?  There will be millions of geeks clamoring to strike back at this puffed prominence.

    • 33.

      With the release of Marvel’s X-men movies, Hugh Jackman has made the Wolverine character an object of desire for many college girls worldwide.

      Here, we see the innocence of underoos tainted by the seductive pulling of the panty line below the young woman’s tender yet tensed pubic lines.  Wolverine grips and claws and is placed on the backside of the panties, giving a double-meaning to the gay term “Bear Wolverine”.  Research that term and you will be sickened beyond belief, so just take our advice and boldly walk into your child’s room to see if they have any of this paraphernalia in their line closets or computer memories.

    • 34.

    • 35.

      Typically lesbian basketball shorts, a sleeping girl, Batman, Robin and panties.  It sounds like any other Tuesday night in San Francisco and we can guess what’s happening here.

    • 36.

      Comics induce lesbian actions within women and homosexual thoughts within boys.  The proof is before your eyes.

      These images are being taken on phones and uploaded to social media sites.  All children are being exposed to this and just like when we warned Bert and Ernie would make kids immoral, we see that generation is now taking comics to an entirely new level.

      While nerdy comic book creators and fans may squeal like an Asian in moments of delight, rest assured Ameica’s great enemy — Satan — is doubled over and squealing with orgasmic yips of glee as he sees what is happening.

      Comics are dangerous.  In the 50s, we had the Comics Code Authority try to save the children from the filth being written in the books.  But the 1960s, full of riots and people who rebelled against the government with concert drug orgies, rainbow color parties at inappropriate diners and public transit disrespect, were no time of peace. Population boomed with diseased pregnancies and the melting pot went rotten with too many gumbo spices.

      We are seeing a nasty mix of perversion and the smell of it turns the nose of Lady Liberty and shows iniquity is being hard baked right into the busom of our children.

      These panties shots are affecting your daughter.  Comics are leading girls into prostitution.  What will you do, parents of America, to protect your child. You have seen the evidence, so now the ball is in your court.

      Don’t let someone tangle your daughter in his or her goo-web of sin.

      Until next time, take care of yourself and each other.

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